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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hours remaining before final exams begin: 114.75

Hours remaining before (rough draft versions of, at least) final exams are due to the front office: 25.5

Number of exams to create: 7

Number of exams in partial existence: 7

Number of exams finalized in even rough draft form: 0

Number of days already spent half-heartedly "working" on exams: 8

Number of estimated hours needed to complete exams: enough to cause panic

Amount of intrinsic motivation I have to finish exams: 0

Number of anxiety dreams about final exams: 0

Number of anxiety dreams about all the other crap I'm dealing with these days: at least 5 that I can remember

I'm doomed.

4 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

Good luck! May you find more hours in the day than there really are...and some motivation in there as well!

Arby said...

You have to turn in your exams to the front office? Wow. I must have taught at the lazy schools.

mom said...

Praying that, having faced the deadlines and the issues, and wanting to keep your job!!, you will find the adrenaline and concentration necessary to get that work done. And knowing you, and the speed with which you can work once you get down to it, I'd be willing to be that you'll make it to the finish line. Any takers?

Draft Queen said...

I had this dream about...

ugh, it doesn't matter. Get to work and stop reading your comments.

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