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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Different Wavelengths

DramaBoy: Are you bored? Are you having fun, just sitting at your computer and watching TV?

Me: Yes, I'm having fun.

DramaBoy: No! You are NOT having fun! It is more fun to play! Don't you want to come upstairs and watch me play my game?

Me: That doesn't make any sense. Your game is a computer game. So wouldn't I just be sitting at the computer and sort of watching TV?



Three minutes later:

DramaBoy (with a tone of great concern): Mama, are you SURE you want to watch us play Batman? Are you SURE you want to watch us play?

Me: No, I'm not sure.

DramaBoy: Okay, you can watch us play. And then when you want to work, you can take your computer with you and not watch TV.

For two people as good with words and communication as we both are, I'm not convinced we're getting our messages across.

3 bits of love:

Stone Fox said...

sometimes our actual answers are extraneous to the conversation they are having.

mom said...

He's working on Persuasion. Not Listening. One thing at a time. (So did you watch Batman, even for a minute???)
Thank you for sharing this very fun moment!

Anonymous said...

Ah, DramaBoy, we'd better watch out for that one - it sounds like he's going to become a politician ;)
- SoccerSister

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