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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dancing Queen

I told my good friend E about doing Zumba (and yes, it has been over a week since I've done that--your point? I've been busy! Or lazy. It depends.) and she almost immediately said You need to come salsa dancing with me! I've been waiting to find someone who would go with me! and told me about this bar near her that has free salsa lessons on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Free = Good, so I got my beloved brother to come up last night and watch my babies while I sailed off to swing my hips like a Hot Tamale.

Both E and I are those annoying sorts of people who like to be on time and even early for things, so after eating her yummy salmon (mmm! Omega-3 fatty acids FTW*!) we drove on down to the bar, only to discover that we were there 40 minutes before the upper floor/dance area was even open. So we sat and talked for a bit, then finally went upstairs only to discover that we were an HOUR early for the dancing to even start. Being women and good friends, we were just fine with sitting on a couch and talking nonstop until people finally started drifting in fifty minutes later. However, the actual start time was duly noted for future reference.

And then we danced.

Oh, it was fun! There was a wide mix of ages and ethnicities and sizes, and women only mildly outnumbered the men. Fortunately for us, Wednesday nights turned out to be solo nights where we learned the basic steps in a line-dancing sort of way, with the teacher taking us through progressively more complicated steps and combinations, calling them out on the mic. It turns out that my limited Zumba experiences did, in fact, help me out a bit, so I think I picked the moves up fairly well. I messed up from time to time, but the teacher never had to come correct me personally.

The lesson only lasted about 45 minutes, but E and I agreed that it was well worth it (what with being, you know, FREE) and that we would have to repeat the experience. So now we just need to figure out how to talk a couple of male people into coming along on a Thursday night so that we can learn partnering.

Anyone up for the job?

*for the web-lingo impaired: FTW = "For The Win"

6 bits of love:

Nicola said...

Ooh I love me a bit of dancing too! I have been learning West coast swing and hustle...always with a partner (although the less said about the men taking those classes independently the better). Must get back into it again. And maybe add a little salsa to the mix. Time to get jiggy with it me thinks!

mom said...

What a fun way to exercise! Hope you find a good partner, not the kind that Nicola warns about. :) Would you believe your dad is pretty good at the moves now too, thanks once again to zumba? Who would a thunk.

Beck said...

You know how to have fun! I bet you'll be great at it.

Draft Queen said...

Yay for going out and having fun!

GingerB said...

I am totally jealous! Absolutely green with envy.

Dad said...

Me getting pretty good at the moves - relative to what? My hips sure don't move the way those on the DVD do. I hope you find a partner and that this turns into great fun!

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