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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shoe Love

DraftQueen was my Valentine this year (Oh my sweet Valentine! How I miss thee! You sure you want to move to New Mexico instead of Michigan? Sigh.) and as I mentioned, we're sole sisters. We both love shoes. And while we don't always have the same taste in shoes, sometimes, well, we do.

So when we wandered into our fifth shoe store Famous Footwear during our ramblings around a very small mall (now with mall cop!!!), we both spotted the same pair of shoes and fell in love. We had to try them on. Problem was, the shoe was on clearance. There were two pairs left, but only one of us fit a pair.

Guess who that was?

LOVE means having your tootsies hugged by beauty like this all day long. And looking at this pic, wow but my feet are small. Are my ankles really that large in comparison? Sigh. I swear, I don't have cankles!

Sadly, this means we are not shoe buddies and can't, like, totally wear the same shoes on the same day! Because that would be so awesome, fer sure!

I, however, am totally rocking these shoes. And hey, my tattoo gets to come out and play!

7 bits of love:

Arby said...


Arby said...

Oh, you mean "old lady legs," specifically the chubby legs of old babi's. I get it.

Draft Queen said...

I still love those shoes. I saw a black pair last weekend when the gentlemen and I were out shopping. Wasn't the same.

I miss you too. And no, I won't move to Michigan. I need the warm. Especially after digging out of a foot of snow today.

Beth said...

I love the retro vibe. So cute!

As for your ankles? They're fine. I think it's just that the shoes make your feet look really tiny.

GingerB said...

You don't have cankles, it is just a strange proportion thingy. Math would explain it but I can't. Those shoes are SWEET!

Mocha Dad said...

Work those shoes, girl!

momZombie said...

The shoes are cute, but they remind me of the ones worn by Chinese women with bound feet!

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