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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm the Dark and Sinful Kind of Sweet, I Think

A very big thank you to Fraught Mummy at Brits in Bosnia for this Cake award! What a sweetie, herself. The rules are simple: post the award and then pass it on to a few other bloggers!

Now we all know that I'm not exactly a little ray of sunshine. Nor are you going to find much that's sugary sweet here. I think God ladeled the spice on a bit more in that recipe. So when Fraught Mummy gave me the option between the Icing on the Cake award or the Sunshine award...well, at first I was a little kerflummoxed. I love awards. I wanted an award. But WHICH award should I take?

I just couldn't go for the Sunshine award. But it occurred to me that cakes come in all sorts of flavors. And my favorite kind just happens to involve sinfully rich dark chocolate and the decadence of raspberry liqueur. So...I'll be THAT kind of cake. And icing. With delight and pleasure!


So thank you, Fraught Mummy! And since I can't pick you, I'll pass the award on to: Beck at Frog and Toad are Still Friends, DraftQueen at The Drafts Folder, and Monica at And I'll Raise You Five. A yummy award for yummy blogs!

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