Diapers and Dragons

Monday, February 15, 2010


it hit me out of nowhere
and confused
i stared about as if to say
what on earth is this
and where did it come from

then looked inward
since that's where it lay
shimmering gently as if
the cold new england skies
had opened new vistas of soul

it should have been the worst of days
misery and pain and loss
like last year
when my anguish was too great
to contain and so i spilled

and poisoned those around me
too difficult to be around those
who hurt for me
but did not hurt like me
and could walk hand in hand

a mere year later
there has been more pain
there has been more loss
and only days ago i found myself
in tears upon my bed

the darkness of yesteryear
was thick and dense with few
if any glimpses of light to come
i struggled to wade through it
tangible in its weight as it was

but the darkness of today
is wisps of cloud across the sun
burned through by light and love
too quickly gone to lay upon me
like a shroud

i cannot stay within the pit
for too many hands are there
waiting for my grasp
ready to pull me out to safety
poised to hold me tight

and within my own soul i heard
the sweet song of hope
and newly minted from the fire
i caught a glimpse of

7 bits of love:

Meghan said...

Beautiful. So glad to hear it.

Collette said...

What a beautiful journey revealed through your poem. Your poetry has so much feeling in it. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

That's very beautiful! I like it a lot.
- SoccerSister
(Nice having you here, too :)

Draft Queen said...

Mall cops ALWAYS make my day too.


Stone Fox said...

my new favorite poem.


MomZombie said...

Glad to hear you see a patch of blue peeking through the walls of gray. Road trips always make things better.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

An award for you at mine - it brings sunshine and or cake into your life. Much needed for you at the moment I feel. x

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