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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Would Walk 500 Miles and I Would Walk 500 Hundred More*

How we actually met is somewhat of a vague mystery. We know it was last summer. We know that the fabulous Melissa B. somehow introduced us. We don't remember if we tweeted each other first or commented on each others' blogs first, but ultimately it was our blogs that drew us together. At some point we moved from merely commenting to emailing, and then we added texts and phone calls into the mix.

And somewhere along the way we fell in love.

Last Friday as soon as school was out I climbed into my trusty Saturn Vue, topped off the tank, and drove east. Well, okay, so I drove south first, but eventually once I was in Ohio I turned east. I stopped for the night with my very beloved aunt and uncle, who live near Pittsburgh, PA. The next morning, after a lovely breakfast and chat, I climbed back into my car and drove. And drove. And drove some more.

At some point I stopped for a brief nap, forgot to turn off my lights, and ended up with a dead battery. Some very friendly and very Canadian truckers got me going again (bless those Canucks!) and I drove again. Ten long hours later, I pulled up to a hotel in a tiny Massachusetts town near Boston and waited for my beloved to arrive. I had read her words and heard her voice almost every day for months, but had never seen her face.

Finally, she arrived. My own darling DraftQueen, in the flesh!

Oh, it was a wonderful evening. We dined and drank and talked until we both simply fell asleep from sheer happy exhaustion. The next day was Valentine's Day, a day I had dreaded. Instead, it was a day of joy. We breakfasted, we walked and talked, we shopped for shoes (she is a woman truly after my own sole), we spotted a mall cop wearing high water uniform pants and a bicycle helmet on a segway...what more could I ask for in a Valentine?!?

At last we parted, she to go off to provide happiness for someone else in another (far less fun) way, me to drive to Boston to see my sweet sister and her hilarious hubby for a couple of days.

My drive back on Tuesday and Wednesday was crazy (oh, the post to come from that), but I would do it all over again. (Note to self: Get a GPS. And a new battery.)

Only three months until we're reunited once again...and I'll be counting the days!

Thank you for being my Valentine, darling DraftQueen! I couldn't have asked for a better one!
*In honor of DraftQueen's ongoing effort to name (almost) every post after a song title. It's only fitting. Even if I drove instead of walked and it was more like 2100 miles total instead of 1000. I think that means it evens out.

9 bits of love:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming! I'm glad your Valentines Day turned out so well!
Hilarious hubby is very happy that you think he is hilarious :) I don't always laugh at all his jokes ;b
- SoccerSister
(PS, he got another interview - up in Canadia! so he can be nice like those Canucks)

michelle said...

Was wondering where you were...
So glad you had a fun time. You certainly deserve it!

Nicola said...

Oh how wonderful! Sounds like a fantastic weekend...I am so very envious (although not of the drive, it has to be said). LOVE the song title. Although now I can't get it out of my head, dammit. You will be sent my therapy bill if it continues to consume me longer than a week!!

melissa said...

that's so freaking awesome that you two met. i'm not going to say that i'm jealous, even though i am. but i'm looking forward to finally meeting draftqueen in 3 months too! YOU...i've already had the delightful pleasure (redundant? yes, i know!) of meeting!!
i'm glad you two found each other!!

Brenda said...

yay!!! so glad you two have met IRL now. I am jealous. Just a teeny bit. heheh.

ps. thanks for the follow luv, hunnybunny.xoxoxo

GingerB said...

Hooray for you and a gret celebratory holiday! I am so pleased for you.

Arby said...

Glad you had fun.

marymac said...

Ah, mutual blogsturbation at its finest. Lovely! I have like a bloggy BFF but I am in Mary;and and she is in California...maybe we can meet in the middle because your whole "Thelma and Louise" adventure sounds FUN!

xoxo and thanks for stoppin by!

Draft Queen said...

It. Was. Amazing.

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