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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Top Marks Award: Rabbit Food and the Power of Words

Yesterday I posted about the power of words to heal and hurt. You may have picked up from all the very subtle hints that I had a few traumatic encounters with people along the way who hurt my heart with their words.

I want to let you know right now that my parents were never those people. I know many adults and students alike who have been damaged, sometimes irreparably, by their parents' actions and words. I am not one of them, thank God above. My parents were and are incredible people, and I consider myself richly blessed to be their daughter

But there were others whose impact on my life was anything but a blessing. The scarring was and is very real. Some are dragons I have already faced; others still loom.

Today I read a post by Mike Adamick over at Cry It Out: memoirs of a stay-at-home dad that struck a chord in its topic and timing. Mike's writing makes me shiver and even cry on a frequent basis, because he's brilliant and raw and incredibly transparent. Today I want to give his post Rabbit food is the best! a TeacherMommy's Top Marks Award for Personal Essay. Go read it. But fair warning: have a tissue on hand.

Congratulations, Mike! And keep them coming. Your writing means something real in a world too often filled with empty prattle.

3 bits of love:

cryitout said...

Wow, I am incredibly honored, considering who this is coming from. Thank you so much!

Kathleen said...

He's a great writer!

Left you an award at Treasured Chapters.

mom said...

Great reading for the end of my day, hon. And thanks for your kind words to us. Today in the workshop we talked about words that hurt or heal, too. Some incredible stories were told, stories about both kinds. (Can you believe a young woman who had just lost her husband was told, "oh, well, you're worth more now -- he left you the house!" ?? Anyway, here's to the power of words, and may yours and ours always heal. And may cryitout's words do the same.

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