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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Changing My Perspective

I apologize in advance for getting practically warm fuzzy in this post. I'm sure the snarkiness will return in due time. It's the whininess that needs to go.

This look? Not attractive. Another reason to knock it off.

I've been feeling quite whiny lately. Not that *ahem* you would have noticed that in my last few blog posts or anything. My juniors have been driving me nuts because they are horrified that *gasp* I'm actually requiring them to READ A BOOK (I know. The humanity.) My kidlets have been less than cooperative the last couple of days. The district is trying to destroy the honors English program AGAIN. I miss my peeps. I'll be filing divorce papers as soon as I get some time to actually finalize them. The holidays are looming and I don't know how they're going to go or be organized or anything. Almost every time I try to get together with a friend, something drastic happens or someone gets sick and plans fall through. And I sound like a frog.

And then I read about Stellan suddenly ending up in hospital again and Mom Zombie's encounter with a content counter man and Bored Mommy's very sad anniversary and heard some horror stories from other people about deaths and divorces and illnesses and whatnot and suddenly...

I had to put things in perspective.

I have a job. It pays well, I have excellent insurance, and because of my spot on the seniority list and the size of my district, I'm not in danger of being pink-slipped. And as an added bonus, it's a job I actually enjoy (for the most part), and one in which I have earned and receive a healthy measure of respect from students, coworkers, and administration. I am good at what I do.

Although my children still get the sniffles and have asthma flare-ups and whatnot, they no longer suffer from the more extreme illnesses that had DramaBoy in and out of the hospital and required special diets and required consultations with insane infectious disease specialists. Neither of them has ever been on the verge of death, even amidst all that drama. They are both bright, beautiful, (usually) adorable children.

Even though I am going through divorce, it is one marked by an absolutely mutual desire to keep things friendly and make things as peaceful and positive for the children as possible. Despite financial complications (like a house that is worth less than is owed), we do not have to argue over money issues or get lawyers involved. Neither of us hates the other. We are both good people going through a bad situation, and we are both attempting to do so with grace and patience.

I do not have to worry about having a place to put my head at night. If anything, I enjoy a plethora of options. I may live out of a suitcase much of the time, but I have clothing and fabulous shoes to put in that suitcase and a car to transport it and places to take it. I may need to be a little careful with my money, but I can afford to put gas in my car and pay my bills and even have a little fun now and then.

I have friends and family who love me and, even when they can't be with me, actually WANT to be with me. I may not know where I'll be these holidays coming up, but there is no lack of options.

I have children who adore me and want to give me hugs even when I have Lost It, who run to me with huge smiles on their faces when they see me. This afternoon I will be taking my children and meeting a wonderful friend and her children and we are going to take photo shoots in a park. And the sun has chosen to emerge from behind the clouds, so even this oft-gloomy season is deciding to cooperate.

Maybe I don't have a voice today, but I can still choose which words I will say both aloud and in my own head. I am blessed, and I'm choosing to focus on that.

After all, it's less than a month until Thanksgiving. Might as well start practicing! I don't want that Thanksgiving Turkey to decide I've been a Bad Girl and give my house a miss. That would be embarassing.

Oh wait...

Okay, so maybe I just got a little...confused, but the practicing is still a good idea. What are you thankful for?

7 bits of love:

Beck said...

That's the spirit.

Kathleen said...

What a great post!

I am thankful for:

A house. Even though no one wants to buy it.

My husband's job. Even though he's away so much.

My kids. Even though I'm with them 365/24/7.


mom said...

Okay, I could write a book here, but I'll keep it short: you're definitely on a better track here! It's hard to do, but remembering to be thankful for the good things we enjoy is so often all it takes to put things in perspective.
What am I thankful for? Access to the Internet and thus to your words. Three precious grown-up kids, even a "baby" son who is now 23 years OLD, two precious grandsons. And my list goes on and on, but that's enough for this comment.
And always remember that I love you. You've come a long way this year. Keep heading in the true direction!

Draft Queen said...

I'm way whiny. It's ugly whiny.

Ask me again when my O2 Sats are better. Or, Monday.

Maxine said...

And you are a brilliant blogger, to boot.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Lovely post. You are so right, it is easy to focus upon what is wrong and forget what is right in our lives.

Daft Queen is right, you forgot to mention that you are a great writer and brilliant blogger too. x

MomZombie said...

Thank you for the link love. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to hear/read that your soon-to-be ex is working with you for the best possible arrangement. There are so many horror stories out there.

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