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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

little girl

For someone who knows too well what it means

little girl
sit quiet in your corner
veiled in plain sight
shield yourself from
who might see what's there inside
know what's inside

little girl
put on all that armor
fend off every look
protect yourself from
that might break through to your heart
might break your heart

it's pain that teaches you to hide
fear that teaches you to run
never reaching out
never reaching in
always in flight from the unknown
that which you can't control

little girl
who tore out your heart so long ago
and told you you'd never be enough
for this world
who made you crawl into
the walls of your own mind
the armor of your own skin
the shield of invisibility
for those without the will to see
and they never get to know

this little girl
little girl
with a heart full of possibilities

and now you're grown
and still hiding
still building walls
and donning armor
only allowing those you choose
to climb over
and behind
and into your world
little girl
with a heart full of pain

4 bits of love:

MomZombie said...

I know this little girl.

Heidi said...

For different reasons...but I know her too.

Love you lots, hon.

mom said...

Praying for the little girls.

melissa said...


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