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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Get Too Excited to See I Have a Post Up, Because...

I'm just stopping by to say Hi y'all! and hope you're having a lovely day. Mine has been somewhat off-kilter, since The Widget came down with a case of bronchitis with a side of asthma late last night. I spent most of the night wiping his nose and being tossed about upon, then had to rush home from work after a few hours because my beloved brother-cum-babysitter called to say The Widget's coughing was worse. Fortunately a visit to the doctor's office ruled out pertussis and garnered some Helpful Medicines. I am now typing this somewhat handicapped by a wee one newly woken from a very needed nap. He waited to wake, of course, until I decided to take out my laptop and accomplish something.

I am also handicapped by the ideas racing through my head for the second chapter in what I hope may become a Real Live Book. Who knows?

So tomorrow I will also be home with the Widget while my students take many vocabulary quizzes and curse me from afar. Maybe I'll get some real writing done while the Wonder Pets and Backyardigans and Imagination Movers frolic through my living room. And perhaps I'll even get an idea for a real blog post somewhere in there.

Until then...Good health to you all!

4 bits of love:

mom said...

Awwww. . . give Widget a very special hug from Grandma and Grandpa, and tell him we're praying that he will get well REAL soon. Matter of fact, TM, we're praying for you. One more stress added on to a big pile, here (not to mention the Widget piling on you, looking for comfort). One thing at a time: that Real Story will have its moment too. Love you! (My word verification: hagingo -- which I nearly read as hanging on!! and that one applies!)

Brenda said...

Sending you lotsa, lotsa lots of supermummy juju. Hope your little person gets better soon. It's hard when they're sick. I'd rather have a cheeky monster than a sick one anytime. Hugs.

Stone Fox said...

poor little guy.. when they're really sick like that all they wanna do is snuggle. i am crossing my fingers for you that the medicine kicks in tomorrow and your little guy starts feeling better.

Arby said...

I hope el kiddo is feeling better soon.

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