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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Screwed Up, Again

I've removed the last post because I crossed a line and hurt He Who Was very badly. I apologize to him here, and will be doing so in real life as well.

Out of respect to his wishes, I will be keeping him out of this blog in the future. I will do my best to respect his privacy.

3 bits of love:

mom said...

Very wise. I'm praying for you!

Stone Fox said...

with all due respect, and i know i am butting right in here, BUT:

i read this original post and i don't think there was anything written in there that your ex had anything to complain about. yes, the events that you wrote about may have been hurtful at the time *he* found out about it, but that should not preclude you from writing about them in your blog.

the reason i am even commenting is because there have been a few times that you have alluded to things not written because your soon to be ex would be "hurt" by them - i kind of wonder if he is using his "hurt feelings" to manipulate you.

right now, with all the divorce stuff, you might have to grit your teeth and smile and let him have his way by censoring your blog, if only for the sake of peace. just want you to know that there was nothing disrespectful or hurtful in that post. basically, you did not write anything that i would consider inappropriate for your children (when they are older) to read.

life is life. it ain't always pretty.

just sayin'.

Dad said...

I know so well what it is to screw up!! It is good though to have the reverse "screwdriver" of asking "pardon - pardon" to unscrew it - though the hole is still there.

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