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Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Gift to You (Very Few Strings Attached)

I'm gone for the weekend, but I'm scheduling a couple of posts (including this one, cuz that's how I roll) to keep you entertained over the weekend.  I'll be sunning myself with two marvelous girlfriends on a dock by a lake while you read this, sipping special *ahem* fruit punch and painting nails and giggling.  I wouldn't leave you all in the lurch just because I'm escaping from regular life for a day or two, however.

You're welcome.

Dark chocolate gratitude would be acceptable.

Saturdays are best when goofy, so in that spirit today I will simply deluge you with some favorite goofy photos of the kidlets from the last year.

(Hey, I said I'd entertain you, but I didn't say I'd exert tons of effort in the process. There's only so much I will do for the ephemeral dream of conceptual chocolate.)

4 bits of love:

Draft Queen said...

Hope you are having a marvelous time! I plan on having my own "adult" time later.

Love the pics of the boys!


GingerB said...

Hey, is the widget a little nerd in the making? I love the glasses . . and my goodness they look so grownup from the first sidebar photos you had. Enjoy your, ahem, fruit punch.

Kathleen said...

Love the one of the oldest feeding the youngest. And the one of them with your dad in hats.

babyblooze liz said...

TRULY loving the photos of the kids... that is def keeping us entertained!

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