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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Because It's the Little Stuff that Gets to You: Top Marks Award

Since I've been writing a good bit of poetry lately, I thought it might be fitting to give out my first ever Top Marks award for Poetry! And no, it's not for myself. I'm not quite lame enough to do that. Tempted, maybe, but not lame. I mean, if any of y'all want to give me an award for my writing, I will squeal like a schoolgirl and probably print out the post and award and put it on the refrigerator, but hey, it's not quite the same when you do it for yourself. Ya know?

But anywho, I came across a poem that not only speaks to me in its style (which is much like mine, down to the lack of capital letters) but also in its subject matter. Sarah at Momalom wrote a poem about the morning duties of motherhood that could have come straight from my own mind. So go read "Little Stuff." It's worth it. And congratulations, Sarah!

2 bits of love:

Sarah said...

Thank you Teacher Mommy! I feel like I did that time I got the kudos award in boarding school at morning assembly. Woo-hoo!

In all seriousness, my brain is so fried and frazzled that I often have to force myself to chunk up my thoughts. To break down the emotions into words, into syllables. I don't intend poetic, but clarity, really. So much of the time I feel like my posts are confusing, because I'M confused. Motherhood, working, kids, activities, schedules, events, birthdays, money, sex, marriage, family family family AHHHHHH! (she screams. loudly)

Thank you for the recognition. It really IS the little stuff. It's the little stuff that gets to me - in good ways and bad ways. It's the little stuff that I look for, that I need.

(sorry so long. ay!)

one more thing: I swear I wrote a bio JUST LIKE YOURS when Momalom was on blogger. Seriously. Work part-time, mother full-time, just trying to keep my shit together! Seriously!

(and bc i'm adding this with name/url i'll give u my email here, as asked for above: sarah@momalom.com)

GingerB said...

Oh, I read Sarah's poem and commented, and I enjoyed my visit! Thanks. I'm sorry I am lame about awards. I still have one to pick up from you . . . I guess I don't deserve it anymore. My blogging time is focused on reading others' to distract me and writing mine because I don't have the energy for therapy and then I am out of time. One day I will create an award for you, because I love you.

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