Diapers and Dragons

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the winding road

where the path leads from here
is hazy; the future does not like
to offer more than a glimpse
of Possibility

it branches from choice to choice;
at some, dead ends--
retrace the steps, start again.
others fork and fork again
'til beginning is lost in the mists of memory

twisting and turning
i climb mountains
dip into valleys
sunshine shifts to shade
dark shadows drift across with menace
then vanish as the vista opens once again

when i crest a hill
i can gaze
across the expanse
to a far-off place
where joy beckons me onward

i stop a moment,
take a breath:
then step again into the journey
seeking the paths
that lead to where i wish to go

and wonder at the back of my mind
if the vision was true
or a mirage

1 bits of love:

Draft Queen said...

I'm thinking you should tutor me or something. I'm poetry inept.

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Wait! Where Are You Going?
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