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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If Blogs Were Weather Patterns, This One Would Have the Meteorologists Stumped. Because They're Always Spot On in the Normal Course of Things.

Okay, so yeah, here it's Tuesday and I haven't been on here for realsies in ages and you're probably wondering, Hey, doesn't she love us anymore?  And the answer is, Yes, yes I do, but life is crazy and busy and awful and wonderful and up and down and sideways all at once and sometimes I think I might just need to pull over for a while and hyperventilate in private.

Because I'm insane complicated that way.

School is going well, other than having to squish the occasional overly-vociferous boy-child and threaten them with a dark, dusty sojourn in the Pottery Jar of Ashy Anguish.

"Ashes of Obnoxious Teenagers"

It always seems to be the boy-children. With the very occasional exception (none so far this year), I spend more time exhorting the female students to speak up than I do commanding them to pipe down.

I move up to the apartment/house on Saturday and have gotten absolutely nothing packed or ready yet. I have a vision of flinging everything down from the third-story window into the waiting arms of various friends and family so they can stuff it all in cars and haul it north. I'm terribly afraid it may come true.

I had a fabulous time over the weekend. My nails are now purple. I was only able to read 40 pages of the book I took, which says something about the amount of time I spent talking and laughing and goofing off instead.

I have graded a grand total of NONE of the papers piling up on my desk. That's a task for this afternoon, since I'll be stuck here until the Sneak Peek (a.k.a. parents-come-meet-teachers-and-check-things-out) tonight. Fortunately a wonderful and much-missed retired teacher is feeding a number of us at her house beforehand.

A former student brought me dark-chocolate-and-raspberry Godiva chocolate bars today. I may have to write her into my will.

I am surviving on practically no sleep, a mug of coffee, a breakfast bar, and a Godiva chocolate bar. The walls are wiggling a little.

And now perhaps I should return to work, since there are some students here to teach. I don't know where they came from. Apparently the tables have given birth.

Remember, only silly teddy bears wear red bow ties.

10 bits of love:

Todd said...

I love the urn. I might need to borrow that when my daughter (and her friends) get a few years older...

You deserved a good weekend. I'd offer to help you move but I'm already booked. Good luck!

Ms. Single Mama said...

"School is going well, other than having to squish the occasional overly-vociferous boy-child and threaten them with a dark, dusty sojourn in the Pottery Jar of Ashy Anguish."

Glad I am not the only one who feels like squishing kids sometimes... namely, my Mr. Benjamin. He's been driving me a bit crazy lately.

Heidi said...

Breakfast is a *good* thing.

Arby said...

"Oh look. I'm leaving a comment on your blog. Amazing. It's such a nice thing to do, leaving comments. Don't you think?"

Hmmm...feeling neglected lately?

I regularly leave comments on your blog. Usually, I read your blog, think about it, and then return later to comment after a second reading. I bet you didn't know that, did you? And then there are
all those e-mails.

So, what's up?

Draft Queen said...

Okay. That jar? Amazing.

The female in the class needing the jar? May have been me. Except, maybe not. I can't remember. Mostly I think I slept and my best friend raised hell. Or was it the other way around?

Don't you wish you had been *my* teacher?

oreneta said...

I always call it "meet the creature night"

Good luck with it all. Moving...what more can I say...good luck. Glad you laughed rather than packed this weekend. The right decision.

Kathleen said...

I was so with you until the teddy bear reminder. I might be getting a little worried about you.

But about that raspberry chocolate. My favorite. Mostly because none of the kids like it, so I can get it out, unwrap it, and savor it...all while they are right there in the room with me. No sneaking around trying to cover up my bites with that!

GingerB said...

Like Arby, I've been wondering, but I'm glad you're back and badder than ever. It's good to begin your school year with time away, I am sure.

I need a jar like that for three year olds that whine.

Dad said...

How often in the course of the year do you have to empty the jar? And when you do, where do you dispose of the contents? I would suggest that you look into the EPA regulations for toxic waste disposal so you do not get fined and have to pay to clean up the dump?

If I could beam over some foutou banane with sauce graine, I would do it!! And of course some chocolate!

Andrea (@msbrook712) said...

Just found your blog via Detroit Mommies. Thanks so much for encapsulating the hilarity that is the life of a high school teacher! Can't wait to see what you have to say about toddlers!

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