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Friday, June 12, 2009

Chocolate Memories

Haiku Friday

I made you brownies
Warm chocolate fudge delight
Welcoming you home

I hope you eat them
With ice cold milk in crystal
Remembering me

You introduced me
To chocolate chip cookies
Baking them yourself

Fresh from the oven
You placed them, still gooey warm,
On a plate to share

Then you handed me
A crystal goblet of milk
To wash them all down

I sat there in doubt
Cookies and milk were not my thing
Yet you had made them

So I tasted one
Gush of chocolate on tongue
Rough sweetness of dough

Milk was good that night
Teeth chiming on crystal lip
Cold and crisp and sweet

You rarely brought gifts
Of flowers and other things
I thought romantic

But you baked cookies
And poured out some milk for me
And made me love them

For those things alone
I will always treasure you
My sweet Cookie Man

3 bits of love:

GingerB said...

Sweet, in more ways than one.

mom said...

I hear your heart. Du courage!

Dad said...

May your sweet touth be satisfied by your sweetheart.

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