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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hack, Cough, Snork

In one of those fundamentally Unfair twists of fate, I am coming down with a Summer Cold. Such a nasty paradox, that name.

It has been lurking on the edges of my awareness for a few days, as I fervently prayed it would turn out to be naught but a nasty allergic reaction to the many, many floaties the cottonwood trees have been sailing about, but alas...

So I've been sitting in my pjs since the unearthly hour of eight pee-em, sniffling into a stray Kleenex or two from the two dozen or so that the kidlets strewed (have strewn? strew? I should know this) about the Skyhouse this morning during their now daily Let's Drive Mama Insane morning antics. Little did I realize that they were simply preparing my immediate area for Snot Emergencies. Next thing you know I'll discover that those cereal crumbs and juice-soaked sheets come in handy for a midnight snack.

I have a (hopefully brilliant and giggle-inducing) post brewing about the antics of toddlers, but the general achiness and misery of my current condition precludes much in the way of wordcraft.

Or World of Warcraft, for that matter. Or laundry, although I probably should drag myself down to the basement and at least load the dryer, since mildew is not my friend. Why oh why do I have to live on the top floor of a three-story house and do laundry in the BASEMENT? That's FOUR FLOORS WORTH OF STAIRS, people. I can do that much math, at least. I think...Now I'm second-guessing myself.

I might as well make myself some tea while I'm down in the nether regions of the house.

You may now continue your merry, healthy lives. Perhaps you could send a pity-full thought my way now and again.


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Kathleen said...

Oh, the summer cold. I have one now too. :( Never in my life even KNEW a summer cold was possible until I had kids. Now the germs just party in my house regardless of the season.

Hope you feel better soon. Misery loves company; I'm here for ya!

Heidi said...

Ugh - I'm a little worried I'm getting one too but am hoping it's just allergies.

Hope you feel better soon!!

(I swear by zinc before bedtime whenever you feel like a cold might be coming on). Also C and echinacea.

Beth said...

Poor you! I'm sending mega-pity your way asap!

And ITA on the stairs and laundry. We, too, have a three story house and the laundry is in the cellar. Not only that, I have to go OUTSIDE to access it. When I am sick, washing clothes becomes sheer torture!!

Get well soon!

sAm said...

Ewwww...bummer. Sending get well thoughts your way! I agree with Heidi and the zinc - seems to help (although when my son uses it, he erupts into a mucus flying blob--it's gross).
Are your kids old enough to use the "mommy's not feeling well, watch a movie" card?

Arby said...

"Strewed" and "strewn" are the dictionary.com references for the conjugation of "strew." You started me thinking, so I just had to check. Can you imagine yourself telling one of your kidlets, "Hey, kidlet, strew some seed on the lawn for the birds." I think it is a word that needs to be used in the past tense. Anyway, I hope the sniffles clear soon. Be well.

Seriously Me said...

I hope you feel better soon!!! I'm slowing getting over mine! It's not fun.

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