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Monday, June 29, 2009

Because I Am Not Crazy Like That

Confession time. MckMama put up one of her Not Me Mondays, and confession being good for the soul blah blah blah, might as well join in. Right? Sure, why not.

This last week I most certainly Did Not pack a lovely picnic lunch for myself and the kidlets, with tuna sandwiches and dried fruit and cookies, to nosh while hanging out with friends, only to buy McDonalds chicken nuggets for the boys instead because the friends were getting MickeyD's and the boys would be jealous. Because I don't worry about peer pressure or whether my children will have temper tantrums over silly things, nor do I cheerfully feed them with fast food on a regular basis. Definitely Not Me. Never.

Then the next day, when the boys refused to eat very much of their cheese and turkey sandwiches their uncle had made for lunch, I Did Not pack them up for their afternoon snack (If that's all you're going to eat, then no other snacks until you finish them!) only to leave the sandwiches in a very hot car all afternoon until even thrifty me decided to consign them to the garbage bag. Because I don't have such a sad memory, not to mention insufficient mothering willpower to stand by my original word. Definitely Not Me. Never.

On the personal front, I Did Not stay up past midnight on multiple occasions this week, twice in order to get on World of Warcraft and complete some daily quests so that I could make sure I got the A Simple Re-Quest achievement (complete dailies for 5 days in a row) because I wasn't sure I'd be able to get on during the day. Because I don't stay up so late that I'm grouchy in the morning, nor do I worry over meaningless achievements in a game I may or may not be playing much longer. Definitely Not Me. Never.

I Did Not sleep in way too late to work out or make my promised Millet Delight breakfast two days in a row, not to mention have to hightail it out the door to make it to church on time because of the earlier summer hours. Because, as I mentioned, I of course never stay up so late that I oversleep my alarm when the kidlets aren't around to wake me up. Definitely Not Me. Never.

And finally, when I hung out with my dear friend Annie by the pool yesterday, I Did Not slather sunscreen all over my tattoo and then neglect to put it anywhere else on my body so that I ended up looking like this:

Because I never risk myself by exposing my skin to the sun's rays without protection. Or lie out by a pool for an hour or so without considering the consequences. Especially since I spent so much of my early life in the tropical sun and therefore have had way too much exposure to the sun already. Definitely Not Me. Never.

5 bits of love:

Aludra said...

Oh ouchies. I've had a sunburn like that before from when I also was young/stupid and in the tropics. It hurts!!!
Also, if you're concerned about skin damage it's never too early to get it looked at and take a freckle inventory. You'll thank yourself in 20 years. I went in when I was 22 and already was needing in-patient surgery to remove some suspcious lesions.

Arby said...


Shelly said...

Owwwie! That's a bad burn!


Beth said...

What a relief- I'm SO glad you DIDN'T do all that stuff- especially getting a sunburn. That would hurt!

mom said...

As everyone has said, OUCH! Hon, slather on some good sunburn lotion and take care of yourself! Wish there were some way to help you not do all those things you didn't do. Does that make any sense? :)

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