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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adventures With DramaBoy

Conversation from four days ago as we were headed to Grandma's house:

TeacherMommy: We're going to go to the playground later, but first Grandma is going to take us to go get food.

Widget: Food! Food!

DramaBoy: No! I don't want any food! I never want any food ever again!

TeacherMommy: Yes, you do! Without any food, you would get very hungry.

DramaBoy (with much sighing): Fine. I will have some food. But I DON'T WANT ANY CHOCOLATE!

He changed his mind later.

Said to me two days ago, as I informed him I needed to put the waffles in the toaster (cuz I'm a gourmet cook, yo):

No, it doesn't go in the toaster! It goes in the wafflededer!

Said to me ten minutes ago, accompanied with many persuasive hand gestures and animated facial expressions:

Mama, I would like to watch the really cool Veggietales that is downstairs that I watched when you weren't there. I wanted to watch the one with the bumblebee, but we couldn't find it and there was only a ladybug. So I want to watch the one with the robot, the robot Veggietales. It won't take long to get it, it will only be a short while to go down and to turn it on with the remote! Come on, I will show you!

DramaBoy has no butt to speak of. He tends to walk around with one hand on his waistband, hoisting his pants and shorts back into position (Why don't they make shorts with adjustable waists, by the way? It's not like that little body magically changes shape when the material is shortened!)

Yesterday as I was packing things up to leave the burger joint where we had lunch, DramaBoy and The Widget were rumbling around the door, impatient to get going. Suddenly I heard DramaBoy cry out Mama! and heard the three teen girls sitting at the next table break into giggles.

I turned to find DramaBoy, grinning self-consciously, waddling toward me with his shorts around his ankles and his Spiderman underwear on display for all to see.

It's a good thing he's only three-and-a-half. In another couple decades they'd haul him away for public indecency.

3 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

Do you have Target up there? Check there for shorts with adjustable waists. I think Kohl's might have them too.

Heidi said...

Target has them. Also, if you can find any Janie & Jack clothes on sale, theirs all have adjustable waistbands.

In a pinch, I roll Ciaran's down. Tightens up the waist beautifully!

mom said...

DramaBoy is just too cute. I love him. I miss him. Give him a hug for me and tell him. And TeacherMommy, bless you for sharing these wonderful moments!

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