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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To Tell The Truth

Okay. Perhaps I haven't been as honest as all that. There's some angst. It's just angst I don't feel like I can write about much. You know. The Big D. And money. Evil, nasty, wish-I-had-more Money. And the whole What Does The Future Hold? thing. And hot water. And mailboxes.

Um, yeah, about those last two. The house hasn't had hot water for two weeks now. The kidlet's father has been great about handling it, but it's been a nightmare. The hot water heater is broken; the Roto Rooter guy keeps misdiagnosing/lying-about/whatever it; Sears apparently doesn't feel that keeping stock in, well, stock is anything very important; and two weeks later we are on our third diagnosis, second part being shipped, and impending fourth visitation from el Roto Rooter dude whenever it is that the all-important (and please dear God correct) package arrives.

And no hot water.

Then today someone decided to take a detour off the beaten path and obliterate the mailbox. As in smashed to smithereens, metal bar twisted and awry, wooden slats and muddied mail spread about the road. That someone was kind enough to deliver the remains of the mailbox to the front door, along with its damaged contents, but was not kind enough to leave a note so that we could have it replaced via his/her insurance. Which is, by the way, what happened three winters ago when the ex lost control on the icy curve and took out four mailboxes. WE left notes with all our insurance information and explanations for how to file claims at each house's front door.

Because we are Good People.

And yes, I'm judging him/her.

Life is not horrible or even bad, but as my chiropractor said, I am under stress. And as well as I am handling things in general, as happy as I am in many ways, that stress is still there. I think it's bubbling to the surface this week, what with money being extra tight, so many things going wrong (aren't they supposed to be limited to threes? I think we're on five or seven), and the switch from my regular routine.

So tonight? Tonight I'm tired and anxious and lonely and just a touch sad.

And that's the truth of things.

6 bits of love:

sAm said...

That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger? I feel your pain. Right now I am having similar issues. I'd love to offer some useful advice, but all I can say is for myself I've been through worse and survived (even thrived). Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees, but it's there...the forest is there. ((hugs))

michelle said...

Give yourself a break. I'd be crabby if I had no water for two weeks too.

Arby said...


GingerB said...

I agree, two weeks without hot water would have me on edge. Oh honey, I feel kind of like you right now, just stretched to the breaking point (and I buy what I want despite availability of funds) but I also feel that I see light at the end of the tunnel and I am almost on my way. Almost. Spring is coming and I guarantee it will make you feel better.

mom said...

Sorry that so many things are hitting at once, on various levels. And I suspect you only wrote about the safe ones. Love you!

Draft Queen said...

If I had been without hot water that long, heads would've rolled. I'm pretty serious about my hot showers and my hot water for hand/ dish washing. I mean, really, truly serious.

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