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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am limited in options and choices and actions at the moment, and the anxiety wells up in my chest and chokes my breath momentarily. A tell-tale muscle twitches at the corner of an eye. My neck is tense. My hands are shaky. My tongue stumbles and trips over words.

The stress is rising to the surface.

One month from today I appear in court to, hopefully, finalize the termination of a marriage that no longer exists in anything but legality. There are still is to be dotted and ts to be crossed, discussions to have and decisions to make, finances to analyze and a settlement to complete. The unknowing swaths my mind in confusion, uncertainty, indecision. I yearn for the finality, the end to this in-between time, yet blanch at the thought of what must be accomplished in that time.

One month, but in that one month we must determine the pattern of years. We must accommodate the inevitable changes: solidify some areas while including flexibility. We hope for the best and plan for the worst. We navigate the minefield of negotiations, building the fragile scaffold that must sustain us through a lifetime of working together as parents of our beloved sons.

My world is filled with uncertainty these days. Some decisions, like those made while negotiating this settlement, are somewhat within my control. But only somewhat. Others--like those made by the Powers That Be who are even now determining what my economic reality will be in my career, my workplace, my doctor's office, my dentist's office, my retirement--are in the hands of people I do not trust. Those who crave power are rarely those who should have it; those placed in positions of power are too often corrupted by it.

There are so few rocks upon which I can stand. I cling to my God, hold to my beloveds, and trust that some way, somehow, certainty will come in its time.

I twitch, and breathe, and struggle to focus on the next step I must take.

One thing at a time.

8 bits of love:

michelle said...

Nice deep breaths. It helps the twitches and fluttering heart. Momentarily.

It will be OK. It always is...

mom said...

Just do the next thing! That motto got me through years. And keep doing what you're doing: breathe deeply, and hang on to the One who is your anchor, your shade, your light in the darkness, your refuge, your rescuer, your guide, your comforter, . . .

Draft Queen said...

We can be stressed together. Along with N because I don't think that man has slept in days.

Kathleen said...

Hugs and prayers, TeacherMommy!

Stone Fox said...

BREATHE. slowly.

trust in God, and YOURSELF. never, ever doubt that you can do this. you can get through this.

Monica said...

One step at a time. God, life is hard, isn't it? Even for those of us who are blessed. No one told me that part. Pray, eat good food, go easy on yourself, love your beloveds. That's al you can do.

Nicola said...

Beautifully written TM. Thinking of you. Being in a similar boat myself, I know where you're at. You're so near the other end. Best of (British) luck xxx

GingerB said...

I want to be uplifting so instead I'll just six months from now, this will all be old hat, and familiar, and no big deal at all. Now, just get through this month.

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