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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bald is Beautiful

I shaved my head last night.

I've been getting irritated with my hair lately. The color is growing out, so I have about four inches of roots, and I don't have the spare cash to get it redone. It's also been getting in my face--a LOT. Constantly. And because I'm always touching it in order to move it out of the way, it gets stringy, which is, you know, Such a Good Look.

I've also had an annoying habit of playing with my hair since I was in seventh grade. It's a bit of a nervous habit, though it's become more frequent. I don't just do it when I'm anxious any more. I do it All The Time. So I get split ends and look like a dork with my hand up by my ear, twirling a piece of hair between my thumb and forefinger.

Add to all this a broken water heater and very cold showers, and the whole having hair thing becomes WAY overrated.

So last night I just got rid of it all. Very a la Britney Spears, except with fewer paparazzi.

I have to say, I'm surprised by how good it looks. I was afraid I'd have all sorts of nasty bumps and ridges all over my head that would make me look like some sort of misshapen freak, but it turns out that I have a rather nice skull. Who knew?

My students were a little taken aback. I think they might have been mildly blinded by the glare. It's a bit on the white side at the moment. But the weather is rather lovely right now, so I'll spend some time in the sun this weekend, and I'm sure I'll look just fine by the time I show up at church on Sunday.

Hey, Natalie Portman and Demi Moore did it. Why can't I?

7 bits of love:

LoriM said...

April Fool's? Did you see google.com - they always have cute ones for 4/1.

mom said...

You almost had me. But then . . . ever since the day you were born with that head of gorgeous hair, I have thought that you had one of the coolest heads in the world.

Beth said...

Good one! You gave me a real "WTF?" moment there!

Anonymous said...

April Fools, right!!!? Yes, for sure.
We're having a girl!!!
(In the spirit of your blog).
- SoccerSister

Dad said...

What did your two boys have to say about that? If they are anything like your sister, they would be very distressed to see such change. I do believe that this is an April fools joke, yes?!

GingerB said...

You know, no one else played a joke on me this year. Thanks!

Momzombie said...

All joking aside, I wish I could wear my hair super short. You have to have the right skull for that look as you pointed out.

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