Diapers and Dragons

Thursday, April 8, 2010


you climb so high
stretching limb and limb
grasping handholds
slipping a moment
then triumphant
stand tall at the summit

i stand in wonder
memories wisping through my mind
not long ago each eight inch stair
from first floor to second
was too much for your chubby legs
you clutched my hand
strained in determined effort
you could climb
but not alone

now you and your brother
race each other floor to floor
my heart in my mouth i issue warnings
not on the stairs
don't play on the stairs
someone could get hurt

yet here i stand below
this wall of fiberglass and plastic
higher than my head
and watch you clamber vertically
poised to catch you

should you fall

you reach the top every time
small and slim and seraphic
your joy contagious
i feel another string stretch and snap
my hands are empty of all but applause

i watch you turn away
run toward another adventure
and wonder when the next step will come


It's FlogYoBlog Friday. For those of you who haven't, check out MummyTime and her lovely blog, and check out some other blogs too! And for those of you visiting me, I don't write poetry all the time. Just when the inspiration strikes. Welcome!


4 bits of love:

GingerB said...

I love your poetry! This touched my heart. Now knock that off, I am blogging through a professional conference and I can't be seen to be crying!

mom said...

"i feel another string stretch and snap
my hands are empty of all but applause" ---
I do so relate! Beautifully said. I see them climbing, and you applauding. I only wish you could hear me applauding too.

Tmena said...

Lovely poem! Found you thru FYBF! Awesome! Just thought I'd say hello!

...Mrs.P! said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi from Brenda's blog hop!

Happy Flog Yo Blog Friday!

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