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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If Calgon Won't, I Will

For years and decades and ages and holy crap this stuff is ooooooold good old Calgon has been telling us to tell it to "take me away."

For about as long as I can remember, I've wondered what the heck Calgon IS. I never owned any Calgon products. In my mind, that brand name sounds medicinal in a vaguely hemorrhoidal old people sort of way. I wasn't sure what it was, and I really wasn't sure I wanted it to take me anywhere.

Recently I spotted an actual Calgon product in someone's bathroom. Lo and behold, it was very feminine, flowery scented body lotion. In a pink tube. Ah ha! I thought. If they make that sort of product, then the brand must be trying to take its consumers Away From Here, as in Reality and Daily Life.

Turns out I was right. Well, I assume. The tropical theme certain indicates that sort of thing. Though that wouldn't be very Away for people who live in, oh, say, Jamaica or coastal Florida or that sort of place. Perhaps they should be able to link to a site that shows mountains or scenic deserts or something? Whatever. Wherever you are, apparently Calgon takes you Away From There.

Why the heck didn't I google that word ages ago? (And why the heck did they pick such an ugly brand name? Or change it for these here Modern Times? Helloooooooo!)

Anywho, all this to say I could use some Calgon spa products right about now, because Daily Life, it is worth leaving for a while. Too much stress, too much student angst, too much political and economic strain. Too much, in general.

I'm not entirely sure a tube of body lotion will cut it, however. So I'm planning a Getaway. Oh yes. In a few weeks I am Getting Away for realsies, at least for a couple of days. The details aren't all in place yet, but it's being planned. No phones. No computers. No kids. No work. Nothing other than utter relaxation Elsewhere.

And I'm not going to tell you where I'm going, either. Even though I love you all. So there.

Now to get through the next two-and-a-half weeks....

4 bits of love:

Nicola said...

What? I always thought Calgon was the brand name of non-stick saucepans. Body Lotion?? Are you sure??

Very jealous of your little get away! You deserve it. Hope you get to completely CHILL the fck out xx

Anonymous said...

Have a nice getaway! (doesn't your family get to know where you're going????)
- SoccerSister
(could volcanoes interfere with your travel plans???)

Teacher Mommy said...

Nope, SS, you don't. :)

Nothing quite as dramatic (or expensive) as you're imagining, though. Unless there are volcanoes going off in the Midwest of which I am unaware.

There. It's the only clue you're getting.

Love you, though!

Stone Fox said...

oh gosh, i remember the calgon commercials - they also make bubble bath and there was this blond lady settling into a huge bathtub.

now i, too, say, "calgon.. take my kids away."

have fun on your mystery trip!!

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