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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Year Older and Wiser and All That Crap

It's back. Last year around this time the same thing happened. Post after post in my blog reader centered around the same topic: BlogHer Conference.

Last year, I was pretty much consumed with jealousy because there I was, fully steeped in all things bloggy, even tweeting away all day, and I WASN'T GOING. I even wrote a post about it. And then swore that in 2010 I'd find a way to go.

Here it is: Summer 2010, and BlogHer 2010 is about to begin, and guess what?

I'm not going.

And I couldn't care less.

No really. This isn't sour grapes talking. I truly have no desire to go to BlogHer this year.

You see, something has shifted over the last year. Last summer blogging and tweeting had center stage, pretty much top priority. I was trying to work out how to increase my readership, I was attending occasional blogger meetups and tweetups, I paid to have my blog redesigned (SO not regretting doing that, by the way--totally worth the money, which wasn't much), I was making plans that focused on my identity as a blogger.

That focus has shifted these days. I still enjoy blogging. It's an important way for me to lay out my thoughts and connect with peoples (that would be YOU!) and develop my voice. It just doesn't have center stage any longer.

I think the change is due to a crucial change in me. Last summer, despite tremendous growth and a good bit of healing, I was adrift. For years my identity as The Ex's significant other had been center stage. Suddenly that identity was threatened, then lost, and I needed to fill that void. Blogging was both safe and cathartic. So...I was a blogger. That identity was my life raft.

Now? Now I don't need a life raft. I've come to understand and know myself better. I'm happy in my own skin and no longer need to be defined according to someone else. Not that people have no significance in my life. Other relationships have flowered and taken more focus. I have friendships that are deeper than any I'd had in nearly two decades. I'm developing increasing confidence and peace as a mother. I found MTL.

So instead of heading to BlogHer, I'll be spending time with friends and family and kidlets and my beloved.

And I'll still show up here when inspiration strikes. Because I'm still awfully fond of you, peoples.

9 bits of love:

Ed Pilolla said...

what's more of a reward than blogging itself? you embody the greatest of revenges: living well. mountains and valleys, girl, and we keep on moving forward.

Arby said...

RL is healthier than VL.

Wanderlust said...

You know, I won free tickets to BlogHer this year. I was excited until I discovered the airfare and hotel would cost me nearly $1,000. Hell if I'm going to lay out that kind of cash on a trip, I'm going to Oz or Spain or somewhere exotic. Just saying. So I turned the tix down.

And good for your for finding your balance. Maybe this time next year I'll be in a similar place. xx

mom said...

Healthy stuff. Keep on growin'!

PantsWithNames said...

I'm going to British version on Saturday and am not really looking forward to it much. Think your take on it/blogging/life is far better. xx

Brenda said...

I am glad you are in a much better now, TM. You deserve it!! Much love to you my friend.xx

Kathleen said...

I'm with you! There have been a few moments here and there where I have freaked out. "I don't have a thousand followers. No one likes me." But then I realize that the reason I started blogging in the first place was to have a place to record our family happenings. Why should I be focusing effort on forcing others to want to know what's going on in MY family?

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Whatever makes you happy sweetness :)

Draft Queen said...

I think we need our own conference. I'm so overdue to come to MI.

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