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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stress Fatigue

I have been tired and a little worn around the edges the last few days, despite all those lovely days of relaxation with My True Love. As I sat on the couch last night, wondering why I felt like I'd been running a marathon or at least a fast-paced walkathon (since a marathon would probably involve much more Death), I suddenly realized that while I have been rather layabout physically, I have been involved in a good bit of emotional exercise lately.

I can't really go into details here, for various reasons, but over the last few days I've had several encounters with beloved people that involved us disagreeing over Stuff. You know, the kinds of issues and points of view that often find people who otherwise get along quite well on opposite sides. The kinds of situations where we may decide we need to share our opinions, but the reality is that neither side will ever change the other person's mind. And because we do love each other, and none of us like conflict, especially with people we love, we're all very stressed and tired and sad that there's the conflict to begin with.

It doesn't help that none of these people are remotely nearby, location-wise, so these conversations have had to be conducted via phone and online chat, so we can't hug each other and feel the physical connection despite the disconnect otherwise.

This too will pass, but I rather wish I could crawl into a hug right now.

1 bits of love:

GingerB said...

Here, I'll send an e-hug back, for free. I am fairly certain you and I would not get along on every point (to say nothing of how I would get along with Arby!) but I'll love you anyhow.

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