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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ten Sensations

Sights I Love To See:
  • all four children sitting on a green blanket sharing green grapes as their afternoon snack
  • The Widget folding a blanket, however awkwardly, in his desire to Help
  • chocolate pudding traces smeared around small mouths
  • the stirring of wind through the leaves, a breeze alleviating the heavy heat of the day
  • a grin on DramaBoy's face, frequent on a day when he has been Having Fun and Avoiding Trouble
Sounds I Love To Hear:
  • the giggles of my Widget when I tackle him with kisses all over his neck and face
  • the laughter of my children, biological and otherwise, as they play games of their own invention all over the living room and down the hall
  • the beep of a text message arriving from DraftQueen or MTL
  • the swooosh of the dish- and clothes-washers running, evidence of a reduction in the level of messiness about the place
  • the click of the downstairs door signaling MTL's return home

5 bits of love:

Monica said...

You just explained for me why I love the sound of my washer and dryer running! Thank you!

michelle said...

I, too, love the sound of my cleaning appliances doing their thing. Such a sense of satisfaction.

Glad all is good

Wanderlust said...

What a lovely list! I can relate to the sound of the washer and dryer (dishwasher too), funny!

Draft Queen said...

I worked a bajillion hours this week. And I've been crabby. And why in the (expletive) do I dream about that idiot whenever Nate is away? WHY WHY WHY?

Because I enjoy effing with my own head, apparently.

I love you too. <3

Dad said...

Oh to hear those sounds!!!

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