Diapers and Dragons

Monday, July 19, 2010


i wasn't looking for you
didn't know
for sure
that someone like you was even there
i hoped
without even understanding what
might be possible

this collection of pieces that make up
ingredients combined to create
this man
whose being calls to mine with echoes
of self and not-self
complementing and contrasting

like the puzzle pieces
in that song
shaped by our lives
and the hand of God

you asked where i have been
and i made you laugh with my reply
but here's the reality behind the words:

God knew what He was doing
keeping us apart til now
i wasn't ready to meet you before
too broken
too lost
my edges were too rough
they would have snagged and caught against yours
rather than sliding smoothly into place
snugged tight
like completion
like peace
like coming home

4 bits of love:

Katie said...

I love this.
And I absolutely take you up one the offer of drinks to help you move. I need a big time vacation!
I have to tell you, I can't lift much without passing out.
Are you okay with that?
Maybe we should just be managers and let movers do the non-drinking tasks...

Wanderlust said...

Beautiful. And I'm so happy that you have found your complimentary other half. And kinda jealous that you and Katie are getting together and I won't be there. Will you both come down when I move?? Or maybe for drinks after I move? Pretty please?!

Dad said...

May your love for each other deepen, and bring out the best of each of you. And when you go through those difficult times which every relationship has, may that deepening love provide the foundation and stability to withstand the storm.

melissa said...

i'm so glad you are happy!!

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