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Friday, July 2, 2010

One More Girl And It's The Brady Bunch

DraftQueen says I'm crazy and yeah, I probably am a bit (okay fine, more than a bit, but I OWN my crazy, peoples), but here's the thing: I'm kinda enjoying this multiple kids thing. You know, as in five all told.

Oh, didn't I mention? MTL has three kids. We finally agreed on appropriate blog names for them this last week. First there's The Dark One, his daughter who turns fourteen on Sunday. She's snarky and sarcastic and a touch emo and we get along quite well. Who woulda thunk, right? Then there's The Padawan, his almost-twelve son who is being trained in The Way of the Geek. He shows great promise. Finally there's KlutzGirl, who is seven and, well, an adorable klutz. The Padawan is delighted to have boys around, and DramaBoy and The Widget already treat him like a big brother, wrestling and teasing and emulating included. KlutzGirl already calls them her "almost brothers" and bosses them unmercifully. The Dark One tends to hold herself somewhat aloof, but thaws enough to play along when all seven of us get going in a rousing toy light saber battle.

(Yeah. We're the Dorks. Meet the Dorklings.)

Anywho, it turns out that I rather enjoy having five kids around. Well, other than the times when the whining and fighting escalates and mostly I just want to go huddle in a closet with a bottle or three of Raspberry Mike's Hard Lemonade. But really, it turns out that having older kids to help out makes things much easier, and this summer has been rather fun with visits to parks and shopping trips and whatnot. The logistics can be a bit tricky, since I don't have a vehicle large enough for them all, but we're making it work.

And it's the comments I get in public that have me giggling. Today I had KlutzGirl, DramaBoy, and The Widget with me grocery shopping for our holiday weekend camping trip (I told you we'd be braving it again). They were being active and cute and fairly well-behaved, and therefore we received many smiles and comments on how cute they are.

You have your hands full! said a few people.

And there are two older ones at home, I would reply with a grin.

My favorite response was from one woman who then exclaimed, And you have such a lovely figure!

I had to confess the truth at that point.

You're brave to take it all on! she said.

It's worth it, I replied.

And it is.

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Wanderlust said...

Does this mean you're going for another one?!? :-P

Kathleen said...

Yeah--you get to find out what that "Boy, you have your hands full!" comment feels like!! (Not that you didn't have your hands full before--one kid leaves you just one extra hand; two, well, no hands at all!)

PantsWithNames said...

It is a weird thing that the more children there are the less work it is. Until someone hits someone, but apart from that...

I've found the solution to the camping thing. Dave is, as I type, taking the boys camping with his mate and mate's son. I like this boy time. mate's wife and I are in strong agreement that this is to be encouraged!

Have a great weekend. x

Monica said...

If I had a nickle for every time I have heard "you've got your hands full..." My kids are even sick of it! I was totally delighted to read this. Wonderful! :) Signed, another mom of five.

Anne Kennedy said...

Amen. Five with an 8 year old in hand is So Much Easier than 3 when the oldest is 4. We were desperately stripping wall paper all week and making the children pick up all the horrible bits and we finally realized This is Why You Have Children, because in five years, we can just make them do it (:) or something).

michelle said...

I love having extra kids around, though eventually my extras go back home!

I also love me some Mike's Hard Raspberry Lemonade. It's my beverage of choice while blogging after said kids are asleep.

Have a great time camping!

Katie said...

Ooh. I would give anything to hear "you have a lovely figure".
Unfortunatley, my only kiddo is almost seven and that baby weight (and more) hasn't gone anywhere.

Draft Queen said...

There are 4 here today. My 2, B's son and T is up from NC.

I think I could cry. At one point this afternoon I looked outside and there were ten kids. I thought ours were multiplying.

There are FOUR kids here. And FIVE adults...

You, my friend, are nuts. (But I'm thrilled you are happy.)

MomZombie said...

Odd as it sounds, sometimes more kids are easier than one. One child alone is some of the toughest parenting out there. Have you met my girl? Her name is Velcro.

Mashuga Mom said...

Love it... 5 kids, what a true gift. Great post. Just found your blog.. you have a new follower.

GingerB said...

I am impressed. My brood growns from two kidlets to four on weekends and I just don't know where I'd squeeze in another - car, bed, or dinner table. I am glad you are all so happy together!

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to get the Ford Flex :)
(Someone in the city saw MuttonChopsHubby and I get out of ours, sans kids, and told us we had not right to have such a vehicle without having at least 3 kids. I told him I was working on it and pointed to my belly. Then he seemed okay with it).
- SoccerSister

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