Diapers and Dragons

Monday, November 30, 2009

thanksgiving: travelling

long road stretches before
and behind
wintry trees flash by
spare yet regal in their barrenness
promise of life asleep within
glimpses of homes with spiraling smoke
speak family and friendship
warmth by the hearth
and on by fields now stripped
furrowed and naked
sleeping until spring brings seed
and warmth anew

a voice whispers and i turn
twist the dial to give sound
to its potent melody
hum then break into song
he sings too
if somewhat off tune
and we grin at memories of childhood
raised on this

my hand rests in his
as always
cradled in rough warmth
i shift and bend toward him
to see his face in profile
against the blur of passing land
and content
rest my head against the seat
while miles and hours stream by

2 bits of love:

Shelly said...

That is a beautiful poem!


Draft Queen said...

TeacherMommy needs to teach me how to make pretty poems. Or even total shit I can pass off as a poem. I feel poem-y.

Hm. Wonder why? ;-)

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