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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sad Saga of the Cake That Was Not To Be

I had planned a gorgeous cake, the brainchild of DramaBoy's request from three months ago and a brainstorming session with the ever-creative Joe. It was going to be 3-D, a masterpiece of chocolate cake and frosting and candies, a four-wheeler with cupcake wheels surging up over a rocky hill. I had all the ingredients, I had all the decorations, I had pictures printed and a plan in mind.

And then I got sick.

Enter Plan B, concocted with Joe's help over the phone, he in a deer blind and me huddled beneath the covers of my sickbed. Forget a full-force four-wheeler. Bake a sheet cake and decorate it like an off-roading race track. Run to the store in the morning (granted the antibiotics kicked in) (which they did) and get some Matchbox off-roaders. Cake and bonus gifts all in one swell foop!!

So when I did in fact feel well enough yesterday morning to rise from my bed, shower, run to the store, pick the kidlets up from their (sainted) grandmother, and head into birthday party preparations, I thought perhaps All Would Be Well. DramaBoy exhibited his egg-breaking skills while helping me mix the cake (Look! I didn't get any shells in there! Just the yellow and white stuff!) I popped it in the oven, set the timer, and collapsed on the couch with my boys to recharge my low batteries while watching The Backyardigans. Good times.

Some forty minutes later I took the baked cake and attempted to turn it out on a rack to cool.

It fractured into several pieces, a massive chunk stuck still in the pan.

Alas, sweet cake. What might have been.

So much for Plan B. I've rescued cakes before, but this was beyond the means of frosting and toothpicks.

On to Plan C. I called the boy's father and asked him to pick up a sheet cake at Meijer, one with a minimum of decoration, and bring it with him when he came to the house. The sooner, the better. DramaBoy confirmed my sad tale of caketastrophe when his father heard DB's mournful little voice over the phone saying, Mama! What happened to my cake? Why is it all broken?

Sad times.

The cake arrived with half-an-hour to spare before our first guests arrived. With the help of some licorice, a couple of suckers left over from Halloween, slivers cut from the broken cake, and the well-washed Matchbox cars I had purchased, I came up with something that, while not what I originally desired, Would Do.

The border was already there. 
We were lucky to find anything without all sorts of crap already in the center.

DramaBoy had a great party. He had three little friends over, he received all sorts of fun gifts, and the cake was deemed satisfactory.

This was, of course, the one time he decided NOT to smile.

So Plan C or no, he was happy. And therefore, so was I.

10 bits of love:

mom said...

On se d├ębrouille, non?? Congratulations on figuring out Plan C in the nick of time! I think it's a great cake, and I'm glad you shared the story -- it feels more like, in some small way, this grandma got to be there too. (Did my presents arrive yet?????) Oh DramaBoy, please be hugged and celebrated! I love you!

The Kampers said...

I think Plan C turned out very well! Nice save! Glad he had a good time!

Brenda said...

That is one awesome cake!

Happy Birthday to your DramaBoy.

momzombie said...

No one ever wou;d have suspected all the drama behind such a fun-looking cake.

Draft Queen said...

Happy Birthday, DramaBoy!

Kathleen said...

I think it turned out great! Happy birthday, DramaBoy!!

michelle said...

AWESOME. See... mommies do save the day. Happy Birthday.

Monica said...

Good for you! Looks fantastic, and of course, a great story. I liked "swell foop." :)

GingerB said...

Aw, together you saved the day. That is awfully sweet. All year he'll talk about how he had a car cake, and he won't be thinking about what he didn't have. Win!

Linda said...

That looks like a plan A cake to me! Great job!

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