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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It'll Make You Go OOOOOOH

They're HEEEEEEERRRRRRE!!!! The fabulous, absolutely wonderful Claire took her camera and went clicky clicky clicky last week, and the results are amazing. (If you live in the Metro Detroit area and would like a great photographer for a good fee, she has a portfolio and is willing to talk! Just contact me and I'll put you in touch with her.)

We went out to Kensington Metro Park and had a wonderful time romping through the leaves.DramaBoy initially had a meltdown over something ridiculous, but once Claire came along and started doing her animal charming, he perked up. And then we had fun.

So here are my favorites:












11 bits of love:

Arby said...

So, November doesn't look so bad after all, does it?

Beth said...

Just beautiful! You and the boys look great and the setting is lovely.
Thanks for sharing!

mom said...

Okay, way to tug on our hearts! I'm hoping we can print out some of these fabulous pics of our beloved little guys and their beloved mom. I noticed the echo to your poem in the last post: "I clutch my children's hands and face" the future. And remember there is another One holding all of your hands.

Stone Fox said...

beautiful pictures! i can almost smell the fall air - your photographer is very talented! my favorite is the picture of you all in profile on the bridge.

Kathleen said...

They're wonderful! Love your hair color; you look beautiful! Very charming pictures, all of them!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Love them! The boys look like little angels with a nicely needed devilish side. And I have total lust after your jumper. Soooo nice.

Hair's a good colour too.

You got me thinking I should get some done with my little cherubs, although they won't look nearly as angelic as your two. xx

Draft Queen said...

So. Darn. Cute.


GingerB said...

Oooh, I love the color! You've reminded me I need to get to the stylist myself, to deepen my color for the upcoming festive season. Totally awesome pix! The kidlets are gorgeous and my, don't you look thin!

The Kampers said...

Great photos! How sweet! And I was so disappointed I didn't see you this Monday! Katrina mentioned you are normal at their group on Mondays, and I was there and you weren't! Not good! Oh well, maybe next time my husband needs to fly to Honduras(hehehe) I will get to see you.

Monica said...

These are so great! Love them. Love the green sweaters. Almost makes me like cold weather...which is really saying something.

And the boots! Delicious!

Erin said...

Gorgeous! I love how you guys are wearing roughly the same colors, but aren't so matchy matchy.

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