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Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving: them

they sneak up on me
these kisses
these soft round arms clasping my neck
lisped words of
i love you mama
or i want a snuggle
or i'm thankful for you mama
and i melt

it's a hard road sometimes
when mothering seems more than i can bear
when the beginning and what followed
scarred parts of my parenting heart

but when they laugh
and when they sing
and when they dance
and when they sneak their way
past all my defenses
all i can do is look at them
and say

thank you
thank you

and that is enough

5 bits of love:

Brenda said...

Ah bless!

You put the words so beautifully. Happy Thanksgiving luvie.xx

Nicola said...

Totally totally agree.

Beautiful poem. I too have much to be grateful for in my 2 boys.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mocha Dad said...

That was a beautifully touching poem. It really expresses a true sense of gratitude.

Heidi said...

They worm their way in...

Glad it was a good Thanksgiving!

(my word verification is: singing)

GingerB said...

Loved it! I totally agree.

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