Diapers and Dragons

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


my mind is stuck in poetry mode
can't help it
fragments and flavors of words
stream through my mind
and scream at me to write them down
trace them across the page
so they can live

even ordinary things
like how will i make that cake
for DramaBoy this weekend
he wants a four wheeler
white on white
i think he'll get white on chocolate
because that's yummier
but do i make it 3-d or do i
create the outline like the truck cake
i made last year
(he likes vehicles my boy does)
3-d would be more interesting
but also more difficult
so i don't know

weighing my options
my brain spits out the words
in non-prose waves
rejecting conventional paragraph
sentence structure
--though i'm not quite cummings there--
and trickles on to

how unmotivated i am
so much to do and a meeting too
and all i want
is to string words together
in stream of consciousness
but not conscientiousness
because i should be doing
what needs some doing

it's grey outside
and winter beckons us onward
toward whitened fields and icy roads
i thought this month might be as grey
and though it has not been technicolor
still it has shot moments of vivid
through the uncertainty
muting the shades of my mind

perhaps that's why
poetry seems more becoming
prose needs constant color
vivid verbs and sinuous syntax
my words can trace themselves
across the lines of free verse
with greater freedom
weaving their way through stagnant thoughts
grasping at moments of clarity and

so if you hate poetry
(or just my poetry)
and hope my prose will return
please be patient
i'm sure it will come
in time
when lines no longer dictate endings
before the final thoughts

and perhaps
you could leave a comment or two
just because
even if you hate my poetry

perhaps you still love me

6 bits of love:

Brenda said...

I love, love your poetry. So keep 'em coming lovely one. xoxoxo

Stone Fox said...

when i read it, i can hear you (in the voice my mind has given you).

this kind of post
me smile.

GingerB said...

Yummy poetry
I can cry or just giggle
don't apologize

Nicola said...

I too am loving your poetry.

I love your use of words and just how the normal 'prose' just isn't necessary to emotively express what is happening in your life right now.

And I think it is brilliant that you can craft these poems. Personally, I am in awe.

mom said...

I would have written
if I could have
would have sent love notes
flying through air
invisible until
you press a key and
words light up your screen
and your smile


I live where wires
and tower connections
invariably go haywire
and then my words
stay waiting
for the moment when
the blue globe glistens
on my screen

tonight we're linked
finally finally
so I fly to the keys
in case I get cut
trying to give you
that love you crave
the words that hug
that say I'm here

somehow I know
you got some genes
from somewhere
deep in my heart

e.e.dad said...

I will never get
blamed for getting

on poetry at least
though I suppose
free verse stuff
makes it easier to write
a lot of words
in ways that I
usually understand so I
do get

e.e. cummings was my
most unfavorite author
that I had to try to understand
way back when I was is
high school – I don’t think
understood him at all
or myself for that matter

but then perhaps I did not
have an engrish [sic] teacher like you
who would threaten
us with death and cremation
and place the ashes
on her desk

but if you are stuck
and this poetry stuff
helps you get through

then my dear
poetry on!!

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