Diapers and Dragons

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

beginning and end

look away
hide under blankets
let it wash past in a haze of gone
small grey hours lost
not mourned

years passed
nearly half my life
no way to tell what could have
been if they were
not mine

years past
but 3 days hence
words were said and papers
signed that said
we would

for all
time and instead
here we are and now papers
again are signed
that say

shake it
off and face it
no more hiding from these
hours and days
time to

3 bits of love:

mom said...

Whoa -- there is some deep grieving going on here. Way to put it in words! I'm so glad the last verse has you moving to face what comes next. Love you.

michelle said...

Even when it's amicable it's still just HARD

Todd said...

Are the stanzas mountains on their side, or pulses on an EKG?

Regardless, you deserve more hugs than mere electrons can transmit. The ones I have in store for you are accumulating interest until I see you at another meetup.

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