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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just Do What I Say, Not What I Do

They're just awful.

The presentation is going on and they just sit there chatting to each other, doing other work, reading books, rolling their eyes, texting friends.

They're given an assignment and they doodle on the pages instead of following instructions.

They're instructed to discuss the topic at hand and they talk about their plans for the afternoon and what is happening this weekend and Oh my gawd did you hear what Julie said the other day?!?

They're told to send group representatives to mark their discussion results on the activity board and the few who were actually paying attention jump up to the front while the rest chatter away, oblivious.

They're given a short break and they continue to chatter to each other when the lights are flickered once, twice, three times to bring them back to attention. And again. And again.

They're finally released and they walk away muttering about how much that woman is getting paid for teaching them about something they already know and why can't they just leave us alone?

I don't know why anyone bothers with them, really.



They're absolutely impossible to teach.

(I was the one sitting in the next-to-the-back row making snarky comments to my counselor friend beside me, laughing with the Psychology teacher behind me, and re-reading The Trojan War.

If I was my student I'd kick my ass.)

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LoriM said...

You had me going there - until the part about the "break." Ha!

michelle said...

That was awesome. I had flashes of Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman and Edward James Olmos.

I know I too am perfectly capable of acting like an obnoxious adolescent if given half a chance...

Arby said...

Funny you should write this. I often laughed at how a room full of teachres makes the worst possible audience. They do everything they would kill their students for doing.

Faculty meetings. Professional development.


Kathleen said...

Teachers make the worst students.

I know from experience too.

Although I do so love academia. I think I'm only a good student if I've chosen to be there; if I'm forced to be, not so much.

Stone Fox said...

oh you totally had me!! nice one..

Hyla said...

You've got a blog award here;

Momzombie said...

Ha. You had me fooled there until the end.
I'm always dismayed when I attend a school function and the parents in the audience act this way. When THEIR precious child takes the stage they finally zip their lips and stop texting. The rest of the time? Gab, text, fuss, eat food in crinkly wrappers and generally act rude.

Draft Queen said...

Somehow I always knew that even if you would have been the teacher who gave me shit, you would also have been the person I was talking to during class.


(I love you anyway.)

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