Diapers and Dragons

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This poem was originally written back on March 19th, but I didn't feel comfortable posting it here until now. Credit my love for e. e. cummings and the influence of a muscle relaxant (my back was BROKE, peoples) for the slightly unusual style.

i screamed openmouthed in terrorwise
link    ed to you despite sp ac e

strung like pearls on rope  made of
i am
not wondering where you are
closeor                          far
i sang my sorrowsong already and look over
is the note against the sky
a bird poised like music on linesofcommunication between
and me

i am exempt from your pain

tattooed my denial of despair on skinsmoothsilk
flash my hope at every
one who glances at my feet

theyve trod many a broken path and been worn down to
cracked and bleeding remnants of memory

been there before
been there again
wandering in circleslikestuck

and c   u   t the ties finally broke the chains
though bound by life we made
and now the screams have vanished and I sing
love like sweetness on the tongue after bitterhate
i am newtoo
and will not coat my heart in nacre to hide the wrong
with  in

i shine like diamonds

4 bits of love:

Ed Pilolla said...

oh, i love the ending most of all. shine like diamonds. that works so well. you zig and zag and meander and then end so simply. boom. so very well-stamped.

Ed Pilolla said...

had to read this a second time. i am envious of that fine ending-- in a good way:)

Stone Fox said...

i love it. love it.

this is what freedom is.

Draft Queen said...

*sigh*. Still can't write a poem (or a freaking sentence) to save myself.

Eh. Whatever. I'll leave that to you.

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