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Sunday, May 9, 2010

"my prayer": a mother's day poem

my precious child
you grow so swiftly
so soon beyond what i have known
racing through each day
a brilliant flame of pure and vivid life

i stand
and watch
and since i cannot halt these fleeting moments
i bow my head
and pray

i pray for you strength
of spirit as well as body

i pray for you mercy
for self as well as others

i pray for you friendship
of soul as well as play

i pray for you success
in mind as well as pocket

i pray for you wisdom
in small as well as great

i pray for you joy
in hardship as well as ease

i pray for you faith
in God as well as humanity

i pray for you love
in friends, in family, in future beloved

i pray for you
all the blessings of this life
and eternity in the next

and that you should always know
the depth
the breadth
of my love for you

5 bits of love:

michelle said...

happy mother's day


Tim Riley said...

Beautifully said

mom said...

AMEN!(And my dear one, you know: I pray the same for you.) All my love . . .

GingerB said...

Aw, that was lovely.

Dad said...

Very well said from a mom's heart.

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