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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hail to the Victor (It's Not What You Think)

I've actually been wanting to sit down and write some posts the last couple of days but have had to Resist Temptation because once again I have been my Bad Bad Bad Procrastinating Self and put off grading things until the very last minute. TECHNICALLY grades aren't due until 10:00 tomorrow morning, but we were supposed to export them the first time at 10:00 yesterday morning and guess who was frantically entering grades and didn't check the clock until 10:06 when posting was closed?

You got it in one.

Since I STILL didn't have all the grades entered at that point, I simply sighed and moved on with classes. At the end of the day I righteously packed up the remainder of the papers that needed to be checked and took them with me in their cute little pink and green accordion folder. Where they stayed while I got my oil changed...
(I know I'm way overdue--please don't yell at me! I begged the nice people at the oil changing station I frequent. I am the Queen of Procrastination and have to pay for it--sometimes literally.

You're five thousand miles overdue, you know, he said gently. You see this gunk? This is your oil. We recommended a system flush last time, and I really think you need to get it this time.

Along with the overdue coolant flush I had already requested. I'm surprised my poor overworked vehicle still chugs along. Not to mention my overworked wallet.)

...and while I searched fruitlessly at JoAnn Fabrics for the precise shade of blue cross stitch fabric to replace the piece that I mutilated in my attempt to rip out the hundreds of stitches I had done in the wrong color, and while I did my five miles of aerobic walking, and while I watched NCIS (my latest TV addiction--did you know that the USA channel plays three episodes in a row every week day? My DVR is getting filled), and while I played World of Warcraft until it was time to crawl into bed.

It's not that I'm doing nothing with my time, or even that I'm always doing useless things, it's that I just don't always seem to remember that those papers are sitting there, mournful and lonely, until it's too late to actually do anything about them anymore.

But VICTORY IS MINE, for I have labored mightily today and conquered my foe!

Even though it meant I completely forgot to do my lesson planning for my last hour of the day and had to come up with a totally off-the-cuff Scavenger Hunt.
(Go get your lit books from your lockers, I told them, eliciting groans as they faced lugging the massive tomes through the hallways, and search for all the texts you can find that deal with discrimination, racism, and/or hatred. You can't use texts we've already used.

Thereby having THEM do MY work for me, since we're doing a quick overview of such texts before diving into A Raisin in the Sun and Night. We're a wily lot, we

So maybe, now that I've gotten all that pesky work stuff out of the way for the time being, I can get back to the far more important task of blogging.

Never let it be said that I don't have priorities.

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mom said...

Okay, no comments here yet, so I get to go first! Thanks for making me laugh tonight. Kudos for finally getting your oil changed and your grades exported, and especially for very creatively getting the students to do important work (yours or not, and don't you think it's really more meaningful to them if they have to hunt down those passages rather than being spoon fed?). Hail, creative procrastinator!

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