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Friday, March 20, 2009

Because I'm a Crazy Party Animal, Peoples

So I have an exciting weekend ahead of me--well, at least once I get past the annoyance of actually having to teach those teenage brats of mine today. Oedipus Rex, here I come! Though getting to discuss subjects like incest and murder and pagan god worship in class and totally getting away with it is kinda fun, gotta admit.

This afternoon I will hie me home and DO SOME EXERCISE, DAMMIT, because I haven't done so for nearly a week and didn't do so for another week before that and another week and a half before that and I can feel the fat cells gleefully burgeoning beneath my skin, sneaking in their cellulite friends and plotting a takeover of my thighs. I refuse to purchase my wonderful new size 8 clothes and have my mommy alter all my work pants only to plump out of them in a matter of weeks! Discipline, TeacherMommy, discipline.

And then I'll shower, because I am not pretty after I work out, peoples (I hate the movies where women are glowing gorgeously after working out, with sweat artistically highlighting their assets and causing men to want to make them sweat more in a different sort of workout, because HELLO, HOLLYWOOD, that's not the way it works!). And then I'll take a change of clothes and drive out to see a dear friend of mine who I rarely see because we have kids and live too far apart to just pop over for a visit. I don't have the kidlets this weekend and her husband is being very good and taking a turn with her kidlets, so we get to have a Girls' Night Out! Actually OUT, not pretending-to-be-out-but-really-have-to-stay-in-because-the-kids-need-some-supervision sort of Girls' Night.

We are being ever so adventurous and sexy by attending (wait for it):

The Twilight DVD release party at Border's Books!!!

I know. We are such party animals. But get this--the party doesn't start until TEN O'CLOCK! And that means we might actually be out PAST MIDNIGHT! Considering that we're ancient thirty-something mommies, this is astonishing. I consider it on par with those wild parties I didn't attend back in college. Shocking. Even if there's more chance of root beer being served than actual beer (which I wouldn't drink because I don't like beer, but a nice glass of wine wouldn't go amiss. Red wine goes so well with books. Wait. This is for a movie. So maybe it should be Coke and popcorn?)

I digress. At any rate, I plan to crash at my Twilighter friend's house because I don't want to get pulled over by the cops for a suspected DUI because of fatigue-driven erratic weaving. This means I might get waffles or pancakes in the morning WITHOUT HAVING TO MAKE THEM because my friend and her husband are AWESOME hosts. I <3 them.

Then hopefully I'll work out again when I get back to the house. And then I plan some quality time with the taxes. Woohoo!

Hopefully another dear friend of mine will be available for some fun that evening, since we never get to hang out other than in the same pew at church these days. And Sunday I'll go to church and then go help a THIRD dear friend of mine face the horror of Swimsuit Shopping.

I don't know how to handle the social whirlwind that faces me! I haven't had the chance to see my girls like this in ages. I would have gotten to see my bestest of best friends this weekend if a nasty bacterium hadn't decided to assault her eyes and sinuses in a particularly horrific way. She's not much in a socializing mood and I don't dare catch what she has. I miss her.

And I also miss my kidlets. Hopefully the company of good friends will keep my mind off just how much.

The brats approach. Fare thee well!

4 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

You are funny. Thanks for the smiles so early this morning...well, early by my standards anyway. Have a FABULOUS time partying with your peeps!

Eric said...

Hahahah. Twilight release party. That is some intense partying. :) I wish I was as cool as you. I'm gonna be staying home doing some creative writing homework.




Missy said...

Can I just say, I am so jealous? Well I am. I can't remember the last time me and someone other than DH went out past 8:30. A girls night out is really on my agenda. Seems to far away at this point, to even think about.
Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that some doctors in Massachusetts are trying to pass a law to make driving while tired the same as a DUI?!
Anyhow, I hope you had tons of fun!
- Sister (what would my name be in your blog?)

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