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Thursday, December 4, 2008


My mind started automatically making this meme last night as I was driving home with a cheerful and chatty DramaBoy in the back seat (The Widget was at home with Grandma, since he had a cold). I had reached into my pocket to get my keys and discovered...well, I'll get to that.

You Know You Are a Mommy When...

...you reach into your pocket for your keys and discover a small toy car, snotty Kleenex, and week-old grocery list.
...you can carry on a ten-minute conversation with a three-year-old child.
...you can discuss the relative merits of Imagination Movers vs. Yo Gabba Gabba or The Little Einsteins, especially in terms of their educational and musical qualities.
...you can sing the theme songs to the aforementioned children's shows.
...you refer to the aforementioned children's shows to remind your children of the lessons learned ("Remember what Yo Gabba Gabba says? 'Inside voice! Qui-et!'").
...you sort of hope your child doesn't finish the rest of his turkey sandwich because you could really go for some of that right now but you don't feel like making another one for yourself.
...you've decided that Chicken McNuggets are a food group. And hey, they can come with juice or milk and apples these days instead of pop and fries!
...you find yourself discussing the frequency, color, texture, and other explicit qualities of poop with your spouse.
...you just sigh and reach for a wipe if you discover some unidentified shmear of bodily goop on your hand/face/shoulder/arm/leg/someone stop me...
...you enjoy the taste of chocolate you get when you kiss your child goodbye as he's diving into his bowl of Cocoa Puffs in the morning.
...you laugh at the idea of separating colors and just throw that big load of kids' clothes in the washing machine together. Hey, you set it on gentle wash! That counts for something!
...you can interpret complex comments and requests based on a combination of simple hand gestures and grunts, with perhaps a facial expression thrown in for variety.
...you can translate the word "guck" into the correct meaning out of a dozen possible meanings.
...you clap with genuine delight when your child pees or poops in the potty.
...you have to try really, really hard not to immediately say "Well, MY child...." when someone else talks about how cute/smart/funny his or her child is. Sometimes you even succeed.

There are countless more, but that's a good start. And just for fun, because I want to, I'm tagging Katy at Treasured Chapters, Riley at All Rileyed Up, Sue at navel gazing at its finest, Julia at {Here Be Hippogriffs}, and Heidi at Hortus Deliciarum. So there.

3 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

So well said! Not sure if I can live up to this. I'll work on it in my head for awhile and get it down sometime in the near future! :-)

Anonymous said...

You wrote it with imagination and a definite heart-in-the-moment flair. And just for the record, Chicken McNuggets does belong in a legitimate food group. And chocolate kisses are tops. And I love the way DramaBoy dances to Imagination Movers.

Rebekah said...

What a great list! My son isn't old enough for us to have experienced too many of those, but I could come up with a whole list of ones I deal with on a daily basis!

(In case you were wondering how I happened upon your blog, I just now found it through Katrina's.)

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