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Monday, December 1, 2008

Conversation with a Junior Philosopher

DramaBoy: What are we going?
TeacherMommy: We're going home.
DB: I like home!
TM: I like home too. I'm glad you like it at home.
DB: Sometimes I like to be home; sometimes I don't.
TM: Do you like being at school sometimes?
DB: Yes, sometimes I do like being at school. Sometimes I don't.
TM: That makes sense.
DB: Next time, I will do it yesterday.
TM: Um...OK. That would take some doing.
DB: There is another Ian yesterday.
TM: You mean a Past Ian? I guess if you're talking about the Ian you used to be instead of the one you are now, you're right about that.
DB: What kind of Ian am I?
TM: You're a Now Ian.
DB: But there is another Ian.
TM: There's a Past Ian in the past, and you're the Now Ian in the present.
DB: But I would like to be the Past Ian!
TM: But that would make me sad, because I wouldn't get to see you.
DB: Is there a Mama Past for the another Ian?
TM: Yes, there's a Past Mama who's always with the Past Ian. And I am the Now Mama who is with you, the Now Ian.
DB: Yep. That's the way it goes.
The Widget: Guck.

2 bits of love:

Anonymous said...

I love it. Future Ian will too. He is so smart! And Widget knows how to post a comment. TM's Mom.

LoriM said...

So cute!

Hey, M, do you think there's any way you can get Diapers.com to pay you for all the times I click there by mistake when trying to go to your blog? Not that *I'M* likely to buy their product, but other people might be! LOL, LL

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