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Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh Dear.

I added the funky little "Quote of the Day" gadget at the side a little while ago because I kinda like quotes and I figured it would make me look more intellectual than I actually am. But I took a look at today's quote by Joseph Conrad (he of Heart of Darkness and other deeply depressing pieces of the Literary Canon) and groaned. For those of you reading this after that quote is long gone, it is "We live as we dream--alone."

I think this may be one of the most depressing ideas I've seen in a while, though it does explain a good bit about his writing. I suppose, from a purely philosophical point of view, this could be true--we are in our own heads, mentally isolated from everyone else, and cannot ever truly know what others are thinking. (Unless you're psychic, which I think probably doesn't really work that way anyhow, if it even exists. And how uncomfortable would that be? I'm not so sure I want to know what everyone's thinking!)

But I don't buy it. We aren't truly alone. If we isolate ourselves, that may be true to a certain extent, but even then I believe we're connected to a Higher Being who never is absent. It's easy to feel alone, but I believe this is a trick of our own minds, a shutting off of our connection to one another and to God.

Our dreams are at their most potent when we share them; so are our lives. I refuse to be alone.

What do you think?

3 bits of love:

Anonymous said...

You're so right. We are NEVER alone -- unless we have told God to stay out of our lives. And even then, if we just turn to him and ask forgiveness, he is so ready to forgive. Conrad had a dark view of the world, one brought on by his own choices.
And besides, people like you who welcome other people into relationship with you are truly connected.
I do think that sometimes this feeling of being all alone comes from our realization that we are truly "other," unique, not enmeshed in any other identity. This can be really scary if it comes when one is in the dark. I always take comfort in Psalm 139, that assures me that I can never hide from God. I've heard people say that this scares them, as well, but that feeling must reveal guilt. It's like hiding from mom when you've just been into the cookie jar!
The quotes are interesting. And I know how intellectual you are. Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! I don't think humans are meant to be alone. We are community creatures - like most animals, who live in community of some sort. Why else are cities so crowded? Why do (most) people live in places where they can come into contact daily with others?
When we feel lonely, it feels wrong. I think a lot of loneliness comes from feeling not completely understood and accepted despite/through that unconditional acceptance - and far from home (like Kenwyn Smith's book about us all feeling homeless because this is not our ultimate home). Really, a deep craving for what only God can offer us now, that will be fulfilled when we finally come home.
- Ari

Meghan said...

hi marisa! my first comment! the other person who came to mind when i was thinking about the quote was sylvia plath. it seems like her philosophy of living was that we are all utterly alone in our personal, subjective understanding of the world. interesting how deep depression/insanity seems to be the result of that worldview a lot of the time.

i've enjoyed reading your blog!

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