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Monday, November 3, 2008

By the By

I'm still sick. I will be visiting the doctor this afternoon to see if this is a resurgence of the sinus infections I had almost chronically last winter.

And I still have papers to grade. The sets of tests are finished, but I still have five sets of papers waiting for me to even touch them. They're looking angrier and angrier every time I move them from one place to another. I may wear leather gloves to pick them up when I finally do. 44 1/2 hours until those grades are due...

1 bits of love:

Glenn said...

I'm so behind times, having left town Friday morning and not having had a way to get online since then. And now I get home to broadband and find out you've been miserably sick. I'm really sorry! How can we help? TeacherMommy's mommy

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