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Thursday, November 20, 2008

How Fluent Are You?

I've mentioned before that DramaBoy is extremely verbal. He started talking quite young, and his vocabulary grew very rapidly--more rapidly than his physical development could keep up! As a result, he's had some entertaining pronunciations and grammatical choices. I've also mentioned that he struggles a little with pronouncing "s" in combination with other consonants at the beginning of words. Generally he just leaves off the "s." The results are rather cute, so here's a "tory" in honor of my little guy using these truncated words..see if you can figure them out:

One night, Piderman woke up from a cary dream about a pider that was throwing ticks and tones at him. Piderman decided he needed some chocolate milk, so he went to the kitchen to make some. He climbed up on a tool to reach the chocolate mix from the cabinet, then grabbed a poon to tir it all up. As he was tirring the milk, he tarted to wobble on the tool.

"Oh no!" Piderman said. "I pilled my milk!"

After Piderman cleaned up the mess, he realized there wasn't any more milk in the jug. So he decided to go to the tore to get some more. As he was swinging from building to building, he potted a mean man beating someone up.

"Top!" Piderman cried. He swung down on his pider-silk and Bam! Pow! the mean man ran away, cared and crying. Piderman helped up the other person and discovered it was MaryJane, wrapped up in a red carf because it was so cold outside.

"Thank you, Piderman!" she said. "That tupid, cary man wanted to take my purse, and he wouldn't believe me when I told him I left it at home. You are my hero! Wait until I tell Peter Parker you saved me!"

Piderman smiled, made sure she got home safely, and swung off again under the bright tars to get some more milk from the tore. He knew he'd get to hear the tory all over again the next day when he took MaryJane out on a date. Little did she know that her hero was her boyfriend!

The End

Wasn't that fun? :)

That one was kind of easy--after all, you just had to add an "s" to the beginning of words! Not everything he says is so easy to figure out. I'm listing some of the better ones--the ones that get folks who don't know him as well scratching their heads--and I'm challenging you to post your interpretation. No cheating and peeking at other comments!

What Was That Again? Peculiar Pronunciation:

1. banilla logut
2. basint
3. aldagader
4. Orya
5. ginkle ginkle little tar
6. cawkit

I Think You Mean... Silly Syntax and Wacky Words:

7. pumpkin patch (this isn't what it seems, though there's an embedded clue...)
8. What kind of grandma/sister/friend is it?
9. What are we going?
10. I need to get on my dress.

Are you up to the challenge? Ready, set, GO!

2 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

We still play this game in our house on a daily basis. Sometimes we have to consult with the Interpreter--our Princess' big sister. I think the two of them are joined at the hip, snyntactically speaking anyway.

Let me try a few:
1. banilla logut - vanilla yogurt
2. basint - all that comes to mind is Basic Instinct, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that's not it!
3. aldagader - alligator
4. Orya - Oreo
5. ginkle ginkle little tar - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
6. cawkit - caught it??

I Think You Mean... Silly Syntax and Wacky Words:

7. pumpkin patch (this isn't what it seems, though there's an embedded clue...)- ?? This is what my first born called pumpkins for forever because her first introduction of pumpkins was at a pumpkin patch.
8. What kind of grandma/sister/friend is it? Whose friend/mom/sister??
9. What are we going? Where are we going, what are we doing?
10. I need to get on my dress. I need to don my piderman costume??

All Rileyed Up said...

1. vanilla something
2. bathroom sink?
3. alligator
4. Oreo cookie
5. twinkle twinkle little star
6. chocolate

7. Can we go trick or treating/can we carve a jack-o-lantern/where is our jack-o-lantern?
8. Who is that woman?
9. Where are we going or what are we doing?
10. I want to put on my costume.

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Wait! Where Are You Going?
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