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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Woohoo! I'm It!

My first official tag! An old childhood friend ("old" as in a long time, not "old" as in SHE is old--sorry about that, Kathleen!) tagged me on her blog Treasured Chapters, and now I get to do it too! Of course, this means I have to tag people. Hmm...

Anyhow, it's the 7 Random Things About Me tag that I've seen going around elsewhere. First, we must put the rules in play:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and put the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 weird or random facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and link to their blog.
4. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a note on their blog.

So here are some items that might qualify me for a Questioning Look at the very least...

1. I'm a little OCD about numbers and letters. By this I mean that they need to be round, complete, and make sense in the part of my brain that misfires on several neurons. Years ago ComputerDaddy had a CD player/radio in his car for which the volume dial displayed numbers from 1 to 80 (why that number, I don't know.) I would obsess over the number set for the volume, not because of the level of the volume, but because it had to be a number ending in "0" or "5" or that had some other symmetry, such as "33" or "44." Though "11" wasn't OK, because it was just past "10" and therefore a little too Off. ComputerDaddy would occasionally torment me by slyly moving the dial a tick or two and waiting to see if I would notice and fix it. Along the same lines, when people write letters/words, the letters need to be completed. An "o" needs to meet properly at the top. The crossbar of a "T" needs to touch the vertical line. And so on. If this isn't done, I get completely obsessed about that little error and can't focus on anything else until it is either fixed or erased.

2. Monkeys/primates either love me or hate me on sight. I have been attacked twice by monkeys and once by a chimp. I still bear the scars from the damn chimp. Stupid Lulu.

3. For years I've wanted a coy little tattoo somewhere where only Special People (i.e. me, my doctors, and ComputerDaddy) would ever see. It would be a dainty little cat's pawprint. But I'm terrified of needles, so this will never happen. Besides, pregnancy, two c-sections, and the ensuing wreckage of my body has made me rather glad I never gained a permanent ink mark that would have stretched and become misshapen.

4. I have actually corrected grammatical errors on public signs--only a couple of times, and they were on those restaurant signs that are done either in chalk or marker and can be discreetly corrected when no one is looking. These errors almost invariably involve the abuse of apostrophes, such as "Soup's of the Day." What is the soup possessing, I ask you?!?! Stop using apostrophes for plurals, people!

5. The two hemispheres of my brain have extra connections. This results in a coordination problem: You know how when little kids move one hand or the fingers on one hand, the other hand/fingers mimic the movement? People are supposed to grow out of that as their two hemispheres disconnect over time. Mine didn't disconnect enough. This was particularly problematic when I was learning to drive, especially since I learned on a stick shift. When I moved my right hand on the gear shift, my left hand would jerk the steering wheel. When I moved my left hand to toggle the turn signal, my right hand would jerk the steering wheel. When I would move one hand to push my hair out of my face, my other hand...you get the picture. Driving was a very scary proposition for me and my passengers until I finally overcame the problem. These days my large motor movement is under control: it is only my fine motor that still has issues. I still clench my left hand into a fist when I write on the board in class so that the fingers on that hand don't tremble and jerk along with my right hand's movements.

6. I LOVE Nutella and ChocoNut (which I just found out I can get from Canada and may just require a trip across the border). I can quite happily sit with a spoon and a jar of either delectable chocolately delight and demolish the whole thing. It's terrible and wonderful at the same time.

7. When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary identity as a woman named "Diana" who had about 22 children. There was no husband in the picture, as far as I can recall.

The problem with tagging is that most of the people whose blogs I follow don't know I exist--I am a Lurker Extraordaire--and have probably done this one already because they are the High Mommies of MommyBlogging (um, that's "High" as in "High King" sort of thing. I'm not insinuatin' anything. Whew. I'm doing really well today!)

OK, so I tag:

5 bits of love:

Katy said...

I wonder if we knew as childhood friends in a little town with a big name that we are really from the same mold?

I too have the same OCD thing with the volume dial. And of course the hubby plays the same See If She'll Notice Game. Fun, huh?

Lulu bites? Had 'em, although I'm not sure I have any scars to prove it. I hated that monkey, but she was loved by so many, I had to pretend to like her.

I have corrected the grammar and spelling on many things. I email webmasters to point out their errors, and I write authors. Actually landed me a pretty good gig for awhile: I entertained the idea of going to grad school and picked up a GRE prep course. It was so poorly written I emailed the author and was hired as an editor/writer! 'Course the book ended up not doing so well on Amazon, so the whole thing is history, but the lesson is that even if you are obnoxious and offend others with your corrections, it may pay off at some point!

Beck said...

Diana was BUSY. And Lulu was a jerk.
I love being tagged, but I've done this one a couple of times already... hm. I might do it on the weekend, anyhow.

Glenn said...

Oh, how I love that person who calls herself TeacherMommy, no matter how many cardiac arrests I nearly had while she was learning to drive... and Hey, you know who you get that obsession with editing from! Linn

LoriM said...

Did you know there's at least one web site devoted to apostrophe abuse? http://www.apostropheabuse.com/

I saw one the other day up north - "Sale on Ladie's Shoes"

I think that one actually gets two points off!

Lori (Gould) McKee

Katy said...

I forgot to mention...I ALWAYS have a jar of Nutella in my pantry. Because it's so expensive, I eat it after hours(ie: after the children have gone to bed); some things I just don't like to share. They would never appreciate it as much.

I was not aware you could get ChocoNut in North America; you'll have to reveal your source. Remember the little magasin across from the hospital? He always had a great supply of ChocoNut to meet my every chocolate craving.

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