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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Like A Wedding Speed-Walk Than A March, Really

I've been meaning to sit down and write a post for, oh, ages now, and I haven't done so because of two reasons.

The first is gross. A fingernail cuticle became infected about three weeks ago and unlike most annoying little infections of that sort, this one did not go away but instead decided to Colonize The Nail and attempt to destroy any chance of my ever becoming a hand model, as the lovely and all-too-kind momsicle suggested I do in order to fund the wedding. Epsom salts and tea-tree oil proved limited in their defense capabilities, and so at long last (and probably later than I should have, considering the sad state of the nail itself) I filled the scrip for Keflex and started popping pills. Two days later, I can finally put pressure on that finger without feeling like my nail is about to begin the apparently painful process of zombification.

A lovely image, I know.


I love filling you in on the beautiful little moments of my life.

The second (and more exciting) reason is that I have dived full force into Wedding Planning, and for good reason. MTL and I had originally thought we would marry next fall. This would have meant my parents would be unable to attend. At first I shrugged this off a bit. I mean, they live in Africa. They can only come here every couple of years. Scheduling is hard.

By Wednesday, however, MTL was starting to say things like, Hmmm. A year and a half is a long time. One and a half times as long as we've been together. and Are you really sure you're going to be okay with your parents not being there?

Then I chatted with one of my closest friends, the amazing and talented Heidi (she's a bridesmaid, by the way) and she started asking about how I would really feel about my parents not being there, and finally I admitted that yes, it would matter. If they weren't there, I would regret it.

I had a feeling, said MTL.

There are SO many reasons I'm marrying that man. Other than him asking, I mean.

So we sat down and looked at our finances and we talked to people and I emailed my parents and lo, behold, we were shooting for an August wedding instead. THIS YEAR August, as in. Five and half months away.

Enter panic. Would we be able to afford this? What venues would be available? How much did you say that costs?? WHY IS EVERYTHING SO DAMN EXPENSIVE???

I had already asked my closest friends to be bridesmaids, and they talked me down rallied 'round. And then MTL crunched numbers and helped me look up venues and ideas online, and then we went to tour a possible reception venue and drove by a possible ceremony venue and went to a bridal expo MTL had heard about on the radio and BAM!

Things started falling together instead of apart. We fell in love with the reception and ceremony venues, and they both offer beauty as well as budget, and we even found a bakery we love and could afford at the expo.

It's really happening. We're getting married. This August thirteenth. In five and half months. Under twenty-four weeks. One hundred sixty-five days, when you get right down to it!

So DraftQueen, oh sweet Mistress of Honor? Heidi, darling bridesmaid mine? I'm seeing you here in MICHIGAN, ladies! You better be saving your pennies!

9 bits of love:

Betty Herbert said...

Wow. Are you sure you're not just suffering from from infected finger-related wooziness? (Ouch by the way).
You'll be fine. Less time to plan = less time to obsess. And anyway, we can't possibly wait a year and a half to see the frock! x

PantsWithNames said...

Totally doable.

Just remember - on the day whatever you are stressing about really won't matter. The only thing that matters is you and MTL.

PantsWithNames said...

AND any chance of seeing the frock for those of us not in the same continent?

LoriM said...

I'd like to see the frock, too.

I wondered why you were waiting 18 months to get married! August - wow!

Can't wait to see your folks. MY mom is already making plans.

Teacher Mommy said...

Well, but OF COURSE you will be getting pictures of the frock! I promise I will post pictures after the big event.

Katie said...

Mackinac Island is a lovely wedding destination.
Especially in August.

Just a teensy tiny suggestion from someone who is absolutely NOT hinting for an invitation to a complete strangers wedding...

Draft Queen said...

Michigan will never be the same!(after I have gotten there, that is. Or perhaps I will never be the same?)

Lauren said...

Ah, that's so soon. How can I get to MI in time -- we still have NZ to conquer?!
You'll be marrying exactly one week after our 14th wedding anniversary!

mom said...

Ahhh, and I, one-half of the pressure point that brought the date down to August 2011, can only confess that I'm very glad for all the people who see things my way. After all, it would have been hard for me to not have been able to be there, much as I am in favor of marriage. So I applaud all of you (starting with MTL) who so very kindly thought of me and mine and, by so doing, helped this wonderful thing to be happening very SOON. (See you at the airport day after tomorrow, TeacherMommy!)

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