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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I find myself in an odd limbo, strung between utter happiness and gloomy despair. Utter happiness because in just under five months MTL and I will be married, and while I am having to watch myself carefully for signs of going off the deep end in preparations for the shindig, plans proceed apace and almost everything is falling smoothly into place.

We're overly organized, really. Honestly, the only reason I don't have the wording for our wedding programs completely set is because one of my beloved bridesmaids is still trying to figure out whether or not she'll be able to attend and stand up for me. Pesky miles. I keep telling her that she and her family should just move over here, but for some reason Michigan doesn't seem to be much of a draw right now...

Cue the other extreme.

The gloomy despair? All it takes is for wave after wave after wave of news and worse news flooding through the television and Internet and email. I love my job, but am seriously wondering if I will be able to continue teaching for much longer. The politicians of this nation and most definitely this state seem intent on destroying the public education system, and sadly enough, too many people seem quite willing to let them do so. I find myself in tears, considering a nation where only those who can afford to do so will be educated (whether through private schools or homeschools--because yes, you have to be able to afford to homeschool), where corporations will get even fatter off the profits of charter schools, where the Least Of These will be once again forgotten and shunted to wither away in their corners and holes.

We are not a democracy. We are not a republic. We are a corporate oligarchy, and the bloated barons are laughing as they feast on the fat of the land.

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Jennifer said...

Oh so true. I am so angry right now with the tearing apart of the unions and at the same time the new system to replace NCLB. It is scary. Oh, not to mention the public portrayal of "greedy teachers".

You have got to be kidding me. This country needs to GROW UP.

Thanks for writing :)


Jennifer said...

Oh and congratulations on your up coming wedding day!!



PJ Lincoln said...

Not feeling the love from Rick Synder yet? I agree with your thoughts about the state of education in Michigan and worry about my three kids. We moved to Novi for them to get a quality education, yet every year there are new rounds of cuts. Now, the district is left with the decision of cutting teachers or cutting programs. Great options, Gov. Snyder thanks so much.

GingerB said...

I won't take quite such a pounding as you personally but the municipality I work for is already telling us that the $8 million it owes to the insurance folk will balanced on the backs of the employees, but they think a COLA is a possibility. Ha!

We can educate our kids or incarcerate them. It is hard for legislators to remember that.

MomZombie said...

Well said, TeacherMommy. I wake up each morning feeling like I am a character in a Margaret Atwood novel. I think: Nah, it can't be true. That sort of thing wouldn't really happen. But then, it's happening. Hey, maybe we'll meet up in the underground resistance world.

Heidi said...

I agree with MomZombie - have especially been feeling Handmaid's Tale-ish.


I'm sorry I'm holding up your program - I'm doing my best ;p

mom said...

At least you know you aren't the only one cringing at what's happening, and by speaking out, maybe more people will think carefully about the ramifications of decisions being made. And let's all not forget to pray to the source of all wisdom.

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