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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Papercuts Are A Very Real Job Hazard

I did the math.

I rather wish I hadn't. But what's done is done.

I added up the average of essays that I assign, taking the low side of page numbers per essay, added in a guesstimate of essays from tests, the pages of writing on projects as well as essays, and multiplied by the number of students I have per year (around 150--this year I have 148). I did NOT include the other kinds of grading I do, including objective quizzes and tests, "checked in" notes and vocabulary logs and graphic organizers and the like, and presentations.

According to my calculations, I grade a rough average of 16,000 pages worth of writing per year.



On a not-unrelated note, the first marking period ends next Friday.

Any wonder why I'm not posting much lately?

And, uh, anyone want to come help me wade out of this paperlanche that seems to have fallen on me?

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Monica said...

English teachers should never EVER do that particular math problem. Too much weeping ensues, for the teacher and his/her family.

Draft Queen said...

Seriously, I think I may WRITE that many pages at this point. Between school and work and politics and work (you know, the other one) and my blog and blog comments and notes to the girl's teachers to ensure she's actually attending class and emails to long lost should-be-neighbors (wait, I still haven't done that!) and well, emails to my boyfriend (because he misses me all day).

Luckily, those are electronic.

Because you've *seen* the stacks of patient results I go through in a day and that doesn't even include the incoming requisitions or other assorted paperwork.

mom said...

Du courage with that paper avalanche!! One question: you did the math, found out what a load of paper you deal with; did that comfort you with a sense of accomplishment and worth? or did it nigh discourage you completely, looking at the mountain of work? Love you!

GingerB said...

If I did this math in regards to my court files I do think I would cry at the futility of it all. And I have two paper cuts on the side of my hand from Friday morning, still huring now. The red files are the worst, though, and I've learned not to ever move them by pushing on the side of the stack, or else I was signing warrants in blood. Too Dickensian for my tastes.

Anonymous said...


LoriM said...

As a legal secretary who gets to work 9-5, but sometimes also wants to scream, I have a great recommendation for paper cuts - that paint-on bandage stuff. Very handy - good for cracked feet, too.

Hang in there, gals.

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